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Captain Cook

Cycling Route

31.93 mi
3,173 ft
Created By
Jonathan Lee

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Alii Drive4.39 mi-52 ft-0.0%
Lunapule to Haleki'i8.70 mi709 ft1.5%
Lunapule to top of Alii bypass10.72 mi1,273 ft2.2%
Sprint home2.00 mi46 ft0.0%
kiss the hill0.27 mi82 ft5.6%
Argon 18 Kona World Championships Challenge TT2.33 mi295 ft2.4%
Alli'i to shopping ctr climb0.44 mi98 ft4.2%
Ali'i Dr.So. Tennis club to Golf Club1.06 mi144 ft2.6%
Alli dr to Alli Hwy ramp0.21 mi33 ft3.0%
Alii Hwy - Napoopoo 6.47 mi1,263 ft3.5%
Keahou to the turn5.74 mi935 ft2.8%
Hill 4 Dragon 20190.61 mi246 ft6.9%
Mamalahoa Bypass: The Full Climb5.23 mi1,253 ft4.5%
Mamalahoa Bypass Road Climb0.72 mi266 ft6.9%
Max HR test0.57 mi246 ft8.1%
Ali'i Bypass to Hokulia2.99 mi607 ft3.9%
the humps2.67 mi463 ft3.3%
Hill 5 Dragon 20190.27 mi33 ft2.2%
Mamalahoa Bypass Rd Climb0.95 mi282 ft5.5%
Hill 6 Dragon 20190.63 mi279 ft8.3%
Mamalahoa Bypass Climb2.04 mi512 ft4.8%
South Kona Gateway2.07 mi515 ft4.7%
Alii Bypass Last Climb0.62 mi318 ft9.6%
S. Kona Gateway Death Blow0.51 mi285 ft10.4%
Currahee!!0.51 mi315 ft11.5%
Upper Napoopoo Descent2.72 mi-682 ft-4.7%
Napoopoo Road Descent4.25 mi-1,198 ft-5.3%
Safe Section Upper Napoopoo2.48 mi-650 ft-5.0%
Napoopoo - Lower Portion1.65 mi541 ft6.2%
Captain Cook 20'3.85 mi1,122 ft5.5%
Lower Napoopoo Rd4.31 mi1,214 ft5.3%
Full Napoopoo4.34 mi1,263 ft5.5%
Lower Napoopoo Road Climb0.80 mi325 ft7.7%
Upper Napoopoo Road2.62 mi666 ft4.8%
Gateway to South Kona Downhill 1.04 mi-384 ft-6.9%
Mamalanoa Bypass Road5.37 mi-1,178 ft-4.0%
Bypass Blast0.45 mi-269 ft-11.2%
Hokulia to Alii3.00 mi-676 ft-4.3%
Mamahaloa and Alii downhill3.50 mi-482 ft-2.3%
Kahaluu-Keauhou Blast2.41 mi-404 ft-3.1%
Kona Country Club Climb0.85 mi112 ft2.4%
Keauhou to Lymans2.30 mi-102 ft-0.7%
Kahaluu to Laaloa 1500m0.90 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Keauhou to Kona 4.24 mi43 ft0.1%
Alii Lani Rise0.27 mi30 ft2.0%