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Cycling Route

31.36 mi
4,840 ft
Created By
Jonathan Lee

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mamalahoa Hwy Climb0.40 mi292 ft13.6%
Palani to Makala0.66 mi-79 ft-2.0%
Palani thru Makala0.71 mi-92 ft-2.2%
Hina Lani to Ane Keohokalole Hwy1.20 mi282 ft4.4%
Hina Lani-Kaloko climb10.73 mi4,347 ft7.7%
Hina Lani to Kamanu 0.37 mi102 ft5.1%
Hani Lani too first flat3.07 mi971 ft6.0%
Kalaoa - HI 19 to the top10.78 mi4,357 ft7.7%
Costco Climb0.39 mi121 ft5.9%
Hina-Lani to Hikimoe3.29 mi1,060 ft6.1%
Hina Lani base climb0.64 mi197 ft5.8%
Hina Lani Climb3.44 mi1,217 ft6.7%
Pau Hana Climb3.13 mi1,037 ft6.3%
bottom of Kalaoa3.02 mi1,020 ft6.4%
Ane K to Annini1.79 mi640 ft6.8%
Hina Lani from Ane Keohokalole2.33 mi932 ft7.6%
Hina Lani Climb from A-K to Halolani1.88 mi669 ft6.7%
BIHCR Ane K to Anini1.73 mi600 ft6.5%
Hina Lani climb (just the tip)0.38 mi249 ft12.4%
Kaloko Dr climb6.33 mi2,936 ft8.8%
kaloko up0.52 mi236 ft8.6%
Loio St Climb0.90 mi433 ft9.0%
to the third bend2.39 mi1,112 ft8.8%
Peaman Pedal 'til Ya Puke6.41 mi2,762 ft8.2%
Climb Fr Kaloko Halia Pl6.16 mi2,664 ft8.1%
Kaloko Dr Climb0.62 mi272 ft8.3%
Hao - Haleamau1.20 mi495 ft7.8%
Haleamau - Next Turn0.87 mi397 ft8.6%
kaloko and hana lani decent complete10.89 mi-4,239 ft-7.4%
Kaloko to Pig2.47 mi-1,073 ft-8.2%
Kaloko Descent6.02 mi-2,710 ft-8.5%
Kahualani Down0.52 mi-233 ft-8.5%
Kaloko to Hina Lani0.78 mi-157 ft-3.8%
Hina-Lani Decent3.47 mi-1,145 ft-6.2%
Palani to Keohokaloele2.32 mi-919 ft-7.5%
hinalani descent2.99 mi-955 ft-6.0%
Old Mamalahoa Trail Climb0.58 mi377 ft12.2%
Queen K. Hwy Climb to Palani0.59 mi82 ft2.6%