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Bark Park, Millennium loop

Running Route

13.14 mi
2,506 ft
The Bark Park where we start the run is in Calabasas, about 10 minutes from Malibu Creek State Park on Las Virgenes. The smooth Bark Park Trail of singletrack meets with the Millenium Trail Loop, and the keyhole is 14 miles total. After taking the 1.2 mile initial trail from the trailhead, we turn right on the New Millenium Loop. There is NO water on the course or at the start, bring at least two 20oz bottles, preferably a hydration pack if you plan on completing the entire loop. This is considered a hard loop. There is a lot of elevation to gain, come prepared! Take the Las Virgenes Road. Exit off the 101, head south, and park on the parking lot at the Bark Park, entrance on the left side of the road. There's a singletrack that heads up from the northern end of the dog park; this is the trailhead. If you are driving from Malibu State Park turn right on Los Virgenes and look for the Bark Park on your right. There is also plenty parking across the street at the school parking lot in case the Bark Park parking is full.
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Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Collosus West to Pyramid Switchbacks1.95 mi449 ft2.6%
Prado De La Felicidad Climb0.35 mi200 ft10.8%
Prado Del Grandioso Climb0.54 mi269 ft9.3%
Pyramid Switchbacks0.24 mi98 ft6.9%
Backside of Millenium - Oaks Summit to Anza4.34 mi-732 ft-3.0%
Oaks Summit to Pkwy Calabasas2.03 mi-466 ft-4.0%
Prado Del Grandioso Climb0.45 mi171 ft7.2%
Millennium Calabasas Pkwy DH0.84 mi-535 ft-11.9%
The Oaks Double Switchbacks0.81 mi361 ft7.7%
Ventura Freeway Climb0.53 mi312 ft11.0%
El Comino Real DH0.94 mi-440 ft-8.8%
Prado De Las Calabazas Climb0.66 mi348 ft9.9%
Prado De Calabasas DH1.62 mi-387 ft-4.5%
Anza Calabash Canyon Loop Trail Climb0.76 mi285 ft6.9%
Bark Park Trail Descent1.18 mi-417 ft-6.7%
Bark Park Trail down from Millenium1.12 mi-420 ft-7.1%