Cork’s Frozen Highway Reverse

Cycling Route

74.96 km
1,545 m
Nice Adventure Route. Fatter tires suggusted
Created By
Justin Jencks

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
First Hill After Sanyang Village1.06 km61 m5.7%
Climb out of Sanyang Village 三阳村3.13 km100 m3.2%
Second Hill After Sanyang Village1.46 km71 m4.8%
Little South9.95 km703 m7.1%
Corks Highway3.36 km-57 m-0.6%
Drews Droppings4.34 km283 m6.5%
Fast section - Down7.71 km-131 m-1.6%
Concrete River In5.89 km41 m0.5%
River Reverse Home5.83 km40 m0.5%
Wildhomestay YC Finish3.59 km72 m2.0%