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Seth's Griffith 14

Running Route

14.1 mi
3,308 ft
This is a somewhat hilly tour of Griffith Park… Starting on the trail next to the Park Ranger office off of Crystal Springs Dr, head up and around Beacon Hill via Lower Beacon and Coolidge Trails. After passing the Griffith Helipad, head down Riverside Trail making a right at Vermont Canyon Dr (stay on the dirt trial) and eventually (after a final steep climb) up to the Mt Hollywood peak (great observation point of the LA, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign). Then head north around Taco Peak, Mt Bell, and Mt Chapel and a steady climb up the paved Mt Lee Dr. to eventually arrive above and behind the famed Hollywood Sign. From here, head out Wonder View Trail climbing up and over Cahuenga Peak to eventually arrive at Burbank Peak and the Wisdom Tree (nice views of LA, Burbank, Toluca Lake, and Lake Hollywood). Turn around and head back to Mt Chapel (this time taking the south side route) and then down the north side of Mt Bell to North Trail. Follow North Trail past Amir’s Garden (water fountain on the left) and then head right on Mineral Wells Trail which will eventually become Upper Old Zoo Trail. Short climb and drop back past Lower Beacon Trail and then to the Park Ranger offices (water and bathrooms if needed).
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mineral Wells road side SOUTH1.45 mi174 ft1.3%
Freeway Hill to Five Points2.18 mi459 ft3.9%
Fortius Park Center Climb 0.22 mi144 ft12.2%
Mineral Wells Tr Climb0.30 mi135 ft8.4%
Mineral Wells Climb0.81 mi410 ft9.6%
Five points 0.79 mi341 ft8.2%
Tempo to Hammer0.41 mi138 ft6.2%
Prestwick Dr Climb0.19 mi105 ft10.2%
Scrambled Legs1.07 mi732 ft12.0%
Vermont Canyon Singletrack Climb0.48 mi344 ft13.6%
To the top!0.11 mi180 ft29.7%
picnic-time shortcut0.11 mi184 ft31.4%
Mt Hollywood Dr Climb0.30 mi157 ft9.0%
Single track - just the rocks - up Mt. Chapel0.20 mi253 ft23.9%
Ridge to Wisdom Tree1.22 mi390 ft3.5%
Deronda Dr Climb0.35 mi220 ft11.0%
Ridge to Wisdom Tree and back2.23 mi390 ft0.1%
Mt. Chapel Trail to Hollywood Sign - Run It Fast®0.52 mi240 ft8.7%
Mt. Lee Dr + Tree of Life Trail1.10 mi390 ft4.1%
Deronda Dr Climb0.30 mi157 ft8.4%
Wisdom Tree from HW sign0.66 mi167 ft0.7%
Cahuenga Peak from Mt Lee Dr0.27 mi167 ft10.4%
Tree of Life Trail both ways1.31 mi167 ft0.0%
To the tree and back1.40 mi-180 ft-0.0%
Lee's Wisdom - Run It Fast®0.68 mi164 ft1.1%
Tree of Life Trail westbound0.62 mi-167 ft-0.0%
Tree Of Life Trail Climb0.20 mi177 ft16.3%
Cahuenga Peak steep0.12 mi167 ft25.9%
Tree of Life Trail eastbound0.65 mi-167 ft-0.4%
Tree of Life Trail Climb0.36 mi164 ft8.4%
Andy Griffith - Run It Fast®0.59 mi-92 ft-1.6%
Crystal Springs to Spring Canyon Trail1.07 mi-66 ft-0.8%
last charge0.30 mi-43 ft-2.6%
Scrappy's Peak0.06 mi56 ft16.8%
Vista Del Valle Dr Climb0.52 mi161 ft5.7%
uppercut0.81 mi167 ft3.9%