Chinook Gravel Ride #1 - 30 miles

Cycling Route

30.76 mi
2,897 ft
Created By
Mike F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
S Bofer Canyon to STP1.30 mi249 ft3.6%
S Bofer Canyon Rd Climb1.66 mi295 ft3.4%
WSP to 397 climb1.81 mi197 ft1.7%
Owens Rd Climb1.56 mi554 ft6.7%
Owens Rd Climb to Top-Revised2.44 mi745 ft5.8%
The Climb Beyond1.73 mi538 ft5.9%
Beck Owen to 9 canyon1.64 mi194 ft1.0%
Unhook the plow 1.76 mi-509 ft-5.5%
Joe's little kicker0.26 mi125 ft8.9%
S Bofer NB - 397 to Ridgeline2.20 mi-318 ft-2.5%