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Day 3 2020 YCC

Cycling Route

71.31 mi
8,831 ft
Created By
Tyler Pearce Ⓥ

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Climb out of Ducey's 0.21 mi121 ft10.7%
Basslake Tri outbound 6.34 mi-138 ft-0.2%
Pines to Dam4.49 mi154 ft0.3%
Pines Climb - Rd. 2740.23 mi118 ft9.6%
Bass Lake Sprint0.17 mi92 ft9.7%
Road 274 - Beasore Road to North Fork8.34 mi-863 ft-2.0%
Central Camp to North Fork 40 MPH Downhilll4.22 mi-856 ft-3.8%
Italian Bar Rd Climb0.60 mi266 ft8.3%
Mammoth Pool Road Climb to Redinger Overlook2.34 mi725 ft5.8%
Grizzly 14.52 mi1,404 ft5.9%
Mammoth Road Climb0.81 mi269 ft6.2%
Castle Peak1.59 mi492 ft5.8%
Redinger Overlook to Driveway Climb1.48 mi502 ft6.2%
Mammoth Pool Rd Climb0.93 mi262 ft5.4%
Million Dollar Road Climb1.52 mi374 ft4.7%
Powerhouse Climb1.51 mi955 ft11.9%
Mammoth Pool Powerhouse3.75 mi1,752 ft8.8%
the real powerhouse climb3.72 mi1,798 ft9.1%
Mamoth pool Powerhouse to Minarets road3.80 mi1,749 ft8.7%
Powerhouse Climb1.78 mi968 ft10.3%
Powerhouse -- Creek Hairpin to the Top 1.61 mi771 ft9.0%
Powerhouse to north fork13.48 mi-1,562 ft-2.0%
Down Minaretes to 2254.56 mi-1,398 ft-5.8%
SY - 2330.39 mi95 ft4.6%
NFcdc - 2740.51 mi-82 ft-0.3%
Full 222 Manzanita Road Climb3.48 mi558 ft3.0%
North Fork To The Dam6.19 mi768 ft2.3%
Rd 222 to Manzanita Lake1.27 mi279 ft4.1%
222/221 Climb from Manzanita Lake2.29 mi522 ft4.3%
Sierra Linda Dr Climb1.51 mi351 ft4.4%
Rd 222 to Bass Lake1.42 mi328 ft4.4%
Keller's Mountain0.63 mi174 ft5.2%
HIghland Way Cool to Dam1.53 mi-95 ft-0.3%
Dam East5.40 mi62 ft0.1%
millers to forks3.09 mi-62 ft-0.0%
Crane Valley to 4321.90 mi-59 ft-0.0%
Bass Lake Sprint Waterfall to Pines1.46 mi66 ft0.5%