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Anne-Claires Palos Verdes run

Running Route

10.35 mi
3,132 ft
Route created by Anne-Claire: We will meet at the NE corner of Del Cerro Park. You can map it as Del Cerro Park or 2 Park Pl, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. Or you can just take Crenshaw Blvd south till it ends, before it turns into Seacrest Dr. Google map link: Street parking is available on Crenshaw Blvd between the park and Crest Rd, and on Crest Rd east of Crenshaw. The park has a handful of parking spots as well. However, DO NOT park in any of the neighborhoods (Seacrest Dr, Oceanaire Dr, Valley View Dr) OR at any of the Black & White painted curbed street parking spots. You’ll get a ticket. The area has become very popular and congested over the years and the city has gotten pretty strict about the parking. Also, please be very careful crossing the street as many cars gratuitously speed on Crenshaw. The run will start (and end) at Rattlesnake Trailhead, about 50 yards north of our meeting point (NE corner of Del Cerro Park.) This run is fairly short in mileage, BUT don’t let the distance (and the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island) fool you. There’s about 3,000 feet of climbing packed into those miles, which works out to just under 300 ft/mi. For context, Los Liones-Trippet Ranch run is about 200 ft/mi (2,500 ft gain), Boney Mtn run is 220 ft/mi (3,200 ft gain), and Mt. Wilson by way of Chantry Flats is about 265 ft/mi (3,850 ft gain.) The course will also feature a steep descent at the start and end with a steep climb up the same trail, the opposite of most of our club runs. A steep climb out of a canyon on tired legs is one of the joys of trail running.
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Burma Road Climb0.32 mi161 ft9.5%
Portuguese Bend Rd Climb0.22 mi138 ft11.4%
Palos Verdes Dr S Climb0.26 mi151 ft10.9%
Barn Own Trail Downhill via Burma Rd0.13 mi-167 ft-23.2%
Quad Killer0.54 mi413 ft14.3%
Forrestal Dr Climb0.36 mi240 ft12.5%
Died and Went to Trail Running Heaven0.77 mi75 ft0.1%
Stingray1.15 mi367 ft0.0%
Forrestal Dr Climb0.54 mi308 ft10.8%
Above the soccer fields0.48 mi-207 ft-5.4%
Exultant0.23 mi75 ft2.8%
Palos Verdes Dr S Climb0.34 mi164 ft8.9%