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Cycling Route

31.38 mi
4,737 ft
Created By
Mr. Z

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Grandview Final Stretch0.36 mi105 ft5.5%
grandview to harvard1.87 mi138 ft1.4%
Trip the radar0.20 mi23 ft1.6%
Elm-Verd hill on Mountain0.26 mi59 ft4.3%
Kenneth Climb to Scott0.28 mi39 ft2.2%
North Claybeck Avenue Climb0.31 mi443 ft26.8%
Lanark0.62 mi341 ft10.4%
Lanark_Chandler challenge6.93 mi2,224 ft6.1%
Chandler Fire Rd Climb0.75 mi607 ft15.3%
Verduge fire road climb to the tree3.09 mi1,037 ft6.2%
Chandler steep start0.28 mi197 ft13.0%
Chandler gut check0.54 mi374 ft13.0%
Fireroad Main Climb from Gate to Saddle6.09 mi1,818 ft5.6%
Country Club Out4.52 mi1,050 ft3.1%
Saddle to Saddle - Up0.94 mi446 ft9.0%
La Tuna ST to tower1.74 mi702 ft7.6%
peter's 10 min mark{+-1min)1.08 mi404 ft6.9%
Verdugo Mtwy Climb0.94 mi410 ft8.2%
Plantation Lateral to Hostetter Saddle0.37 mi-23 ft-0.3%
Guard Rail Junction to Verdugo Peak0.33 mi164 ft7.0%
Paved Final Approach to Verdugo Peak0.10 mi75 ft13.9%
Pave_up to Tower_single track down0.20 mi-79 ft-2.5%
Top tower to top of Brand1.77 mi-390 ft-4.0%
Top of La Tuna Firebreak to Verdugo0.13 mi-59 ft-7.9%
Verdugo mw - WW2Scotts2.15 mi-568 ft-5.0%
Beaudry North Descent2.40 mi-1,289 ft-10.1%
Beaudry Blvd DH bomber0.36 mi-79 ft-4.2%
Sparr with Brad n' Tim0.72 mi141 ft3.6%
Hospital Hill before the offramp, dummy!0.25 mi105 ft7.3%
Hospital Hill (past the light)0.31 mi105 ft6.5%
Descanso Delight0.78 mi-141 ft-3.4%
Hampstead to Cherry Cyn. Entrance Climb0.36 mi128 ft6.8%
Hamstead Gate to Liz's0.16 mi82 ft9.2%
Liz's Uphill0.39 mi92 ft3.2%
Liz's to Water Tower0.20 mi102 ft9.5%
Water Tower to Shooting Range0.20 mi-33 ft-2.3%
Flume DH Sprint0.22 mi-72 ft-5.4%
Short and Steep Climb0.10 mi89 ft15.7%
Superman Junction0.05 mi43 ft15.6%
Sandy Ridge DH0.24 mi-148 ft-11.3%
R!DE THE RUT0.20 mi-154 ft-14.2%
Momentum Hill0.08 mi36 ft5.4%
Catalina Verdugo Trail South Segment FR to Sports Complex0.70 mi-236 ft-6.3%
Fern DH to Verdugo0.62 mi-305 ft-9.3%
Full DH0.20 mi-187 ft-17.7%
H&S Sprint (Pedro's Night)0.18 mi-26 ft-2.8%
Kenneth from Mtn to Grandview3.03 mi-157 ft-0.8%
Tu Th Kenneth Race Track1.49 mi-131 ft-1.4%
North Brand Tu Th Sprint0.08 mi23 ft2.7%
Second Kenneth Westbound Downhill Sprint1.29 mi-52 ft-0.3%