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Vuelta a la Marina Alta

Cycling Route

121.24 km
2,731 m
Created By
Juan L

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Callosa d'En Sarria to Guadalest cafe10.76 km320 m3.0%
Subida a Guadalest4.97 km251 m4.7%
1st Km GUADALEST.1.03 km64 m6.2%
Motorbike Museum Mile1.60 km95 m5.9%
6 min interval with MTB 2.24 km113 m5.0%
Guadalest climb from just after river5.52 km259 m4.7%
SUBIDA GUADALETS1.40 km45 m3.2%
KOM Guadalest last 2km2.06 km111 m5.4%
LAST KM GUADALEST1.00 km55 m5.5%
100m of Pain0.33 km34 m10.0%
Vall d'Ebo to Col d'Ebo3.35 km163 m4.9%
Last K Vall D'ebo1.00 km48 m4.8%
Vall d'Ebo descent7.96 km-428 m-5.4%
Pego to Sagra (Summit)3.80 km129 m3.0%
repecho a plato0.82 km44 m4.6%
Climb Sagra1.82 km88 m3.1%
esprint pm pilarets0.24 km13 m5.2%
Descens Sagra2.26 km-90 m-3.9%
Sagra-Orba3.22 km38 m0.8%
Sagra to Tormos1.08 km10 m0.3%
Subida Orba3.27 km141 m4.2%
Cv 715 Climb1.72 km82 m4.8%
Citrus Burst0.25 km16 m6.3%
PreClimb1.21 km47 m3.8%
Portet Orba Climb1.55 km82 m5.3%
Orba hairpin0.81 km37 m4.6%
Orba Climb Sprint0.67 km33 m4.9%
Caballos Sprint0.23 km13 m5.5%
Cruce-Parcent2.26 km37 m1.3%
The Squiggle0.43 km16 m3.7%
3 * 30”1.24 km17 m1.3%
coll de rates bottom0.59 km24 m4.1%
Coll de Rates - 2. halvdel3.65 km204 m5.6%
Test coll de rates 2.03 km131 m6.4%
Cv 715 Climb0.70 km101 m14.3%
rates2.04 km122 m6.0%
Test 40" - Team Direct Energie0.40 km27 m6.8%
2min virage0.76 km54 m7.1%
last 2km Coll de Rates2.04 km112 m5.5%
AHORA ES CUANDO0.79 km42 m5.2%
Last K Col des Rates0.97 km54 m5.5%
Final Sprint Rates0.29 km13 m4.5%
Coll de Rates - Tarbena6.97 km-114 m-0.4%
Rates descent to tarbena1.39 km-67 m-4.8%
Tárbena Northern approach1.49 km84 m5.6%
Tárbena Down5.54 km-330 m-5.9%
Mountaintop cafe descent to the hairy pins2.14 km-128 m-6.0%
gas geven3.82 km-121 m-2.5%
Bolulla sprint0.31 km-7 m-1.2%