Sherando Gravel 100K

Cycling Route

61.31 mi
6,399 ft
About 50% gravel / 50% gorgeous views(North Fork is magical)
Created By
John P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Howardsville Tpk. Warmup1.55 mi417 ft5.1%
610 Surge to Swanny0.30 mi164 ft10.3%
610 Surge0.07 mi49 ft12.2%
Golf Sprint 0.31 mi131 ft7.9%
Howardsville to Sherando3.37 mi-456 ft-1.9%
Down Howardsville tpk.1.97 mi-568 ft-5.4%
Coal Rd.13.30 mi525 ft0.3%
Coal Road West #11.64 mi128 ft1.5%
Coal Parking to Jeep Trail6.44 mi318 ft0.9%
Coal Road West #20.56 mi148 ft4.9%
Coal Road West #30.39 mi108 ft5.1%
Forest Road 162 Climb0.85 mi266 ft5.9%
Coal Road West #40.95 mi253 ft5.0%
Coal Road West #51.22 mi253 ft3.9%
Vesuvius to BRP3.77 mi1,496 ft7.5%
Vesuvius to Parkway3.71 mi1,562 ft8.0%
BRBC16 - Vesuvius3.58 mi1,509 ft8.0%
Vesuvius3.15 mi1,486 ft8.9%
Vesuvius climb to rest stop DBB3.13 mi1,424 ft8.6%
Turkey Hollow Trail Climb0.72 mi285 ft7.4%
Vesuvius122.97 mi1,407 ft9.0%
Vesuvius Bridge to Summit2.48 mi1,329 ft10.1%
Vesuvius - tough section2.35 mi1,339 ft10.8%
Vesuvius steepest mile0.87 mi518 ft11.3%
56 CLIMB TO TOP2.08 mi1,168 ft10.6%
the Herculean 2.0 miles2.03 mi1,109 ft10.3%
561.85 mi1,030 ft10.5%
Tye River Turnpike Climb0.68 mi427 ft11.8%
Down Bradley Lane1.27 mi-259 ft-3.9%
Bradley Lane to White Rock Bridge6.09 mi-1,227 ft-3.8%
Descent of North Fork of the Tye River7.33 mi-1,339 ft-3.4%
Campbell's Mountain4.37 mi-2,815 ft-0.0%
First two miles of cambells1.81 mi541 ft5.6%
Campbell's Mountain4.19 mi1,650 ft7.5%
Campbells Mountain Road Climb1.56 mi732 ft8.8%
Cambell's Mountain Gravel climb3.05 mi1,266 ft7.8%
Campbells Mountain Road Climb0.87 mi476 ft10.2%
Campbells Mountain Rd Climb0.67 mi272 ft7.6%
BRP to Store6.87 mi-1,155 ft-3.1%
Tubular or Bust! 2.03 mi-679 ft-6.2%
Descent of Love Gap3.07 mi-791 ft-4.3%
BRBC16 - Love DH4.87 mi-1,053 ft-4.1%
Love Gap - Hickory Downhill0.85 mi-335 ft-7.5%
Half Sherando Time Trial 3.88 mi-194 ft-0.9%
Back to Coal Road2.43 mi-102 ft-0.8%
Howardsville Turnpike to Parkway1.81 mi581 ft5.8%
Howardsville back to Swannanoa2.78 mi213 ft1.0%
Turnpike kicker0.20 mi62 ft5.7%
This would make a great finish to a bike race0.50 mi92 ft3.3%
Howardsville Turnpike Kicker0.18 mi75 ft7.8%