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Palomar South Grade - ElliptiGO WC Route

Cycling Route

11.69 mi
4,256 ft
Created By
Bill P
June 5, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
California 76 Climb0.87 mi272 ft5.9%
Palomar Climb, Taco Shop to Water Fountain11.35 mi4,072 ft6.8%
To Call Box1.07 mi387 ft6.8%
South Grade Palomar Mt (Traffic Circle/Summit Yield) ~JKST11.63 mi4,150 ft6.8%
OLD VERSION - Taco Shop to mailbox4.58 mi1,562 ft6.5%
Palomar: Taco Shop to 76/South Grade split4.97 mi1,621 ft6.2%
Hwy 76 Market to South Grade4.52 mi1,565 ft6.6%
Red Gate Rd3.80 mi1,345 ft6.7%
Harolds Rd4.37 mi1,519 ft6.6%
OLD VERSION - Palomar Mt South Grade (Taco shop to Summit Stop Sign)11.62 mi-4,403 ft0.0%
St Paddy's Palomar Punishment KOM11.65 mi4,186 ft6.8%
Almost the Taco shop to yield sign11.55 mi4,124 ft6.8%
just short of the Taco shop11.55 mi4,124 ft6.8%
Pauma Rancho Road Climb1.92 mi518 ft5.1%
Williams Segment1.65 mi423 ft4.9%
Palomar Mountain Rd/76 Split to Yield Sign6.77 mi2,552 ft7.1%
Palomar Mountain Rd Climb0.75 mi276 ft6.8%
Will Segment 21.61 mi479 ft5.5%
OLD VERSION - St Paddys Palomar Punishment KOM/QOM6.46 mi2,487 ft7.3%
South Grade (Cow Crossing to Yield Sign)6.47 mi2,500 ft7.3%
Palomar S. Grade part 25.79 mi2,231 ft7.3%
Another Switchy0.12 mi36 ft5.2%
Quick Switchy0.21 mi75 ft6.7%
County Highway S6 Climb1.63 mi679 ft7.7%
Palomar Mountain Road Climb0.68 mi276 ft7.6%
Quiters corner0.20 mi69 ft6.5%
Palomar Mountain Rd Climb0.51 mi302 ft11.2%