Hooksett Rollercoaster

Cycling Route

39.12 mi
2,857 ft
Created By
Mike Morse

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hackett Hill1.09 mi276 ft4.7%
End of Cross to S Bow Rd0.49 mi144 ft5.5%
Goffstown Rd- Hackett to E. Dunbarton1.40 mi56 ft0.1%
Roller coaster down to Glen Lake7.75 mi-371 ft-0.7%
Monty to Black0.91 mi-174 ft-3.4%
Stepping Stones1.01 mi112 ft2.1%
Elm St cruiser3.04 mi52 ft0.1%
Bog Rd Climb2.99 mi253 ft1.6%
Bog Brook Proper1.09 mi112 ft1.8%
Bog Top Out0.47 mi105 ft4.2%
Foxberry to Fraser0.44 mi95 ft4.0%
River Rd East to Byam Rd2.48 mi-62 ft-0.5%
Gorham Pond Rd.4.21 mi367 ft1.6%
Gorham Pond Final Pitch0.96 mi236 ft4.6%
Should have turned onto Mansion Rd.0.65 mi128 ft3.7%
Robert Rogers W-->E2.82 mi-338 ft-1.5%
Mt. Montelona0.19 mi95 ft9.3%
South Bow Rd Mini Grunt0.55 mi128 ft3.8%
Bear Scare0.34 mi-33 ft-1.0%