Hemlock Lake Loop

Cycling Route

49.24 mi
2,835 ft
Created By
Marcus Cox

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
York --> Clay --> Gray7.91 mi377 ft0.9%
York St Speedway - South1.12 mi33 ft0.6%
little yorky1.54 mi121 ft0.8%
* CHASE AHEAD *2.08 mi82 ft0.7%
* TO STONE HILL *2.72 mi138 ft0.9%
South outta Hemlock0.24 mi33 ft1.9%
Bald Hill Climb South Bound3.78 mi712 ft3.6%
15 eh?3.19 mi604 ft3.6%
Bald Hill Rd Climb1.44 mi272 ft3.5%
State Rd Climb1.02 mi400 ft7.4%
Patty Ford water stop climb - Kellogg Rd to 15 to Mill St0.83 mi315 ft7.2%
* FAST FUN *1.03 mi-121 ft-2.2%
Heath Markham barn to Dalton1.19 mi-102 ft-1.6%
Heath Markham Rd (Gun Club)1.59 mi-102 ft-1.1%
* COUGAR MILE *0.91 mi-69 ft-1.4%
Heath Markham Flying Km.0.53 mi-30 ft-0.3%
Corby Mile East from 15A1.00 mi23 ft0.1%