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Banded Suffering 2015 - Double Metric

Cycling Route

128.31 mi
8,284 ft
Created By
Brad Schrag

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Do you smell something?1.93 mi-210 ft-2.0%
Life Savor Hill0.38 mi108 ft4.8%
E Black Oak Rd Climb1.34 mi354 ft5.0%
Black Oak Steeps0.94 mi308 ft6.1%
Black Oak Triple1.01 mi328 ft6.1%
Black Oak Descent1.66 mi-394 ft-4.5%
Whitehouse Fire Department Climb0.33 mi59 ft2.0%
N Devils Den Rd Climb0.85 mi272 ft6.0%
Winslow to I-495.23 mi328 ft0.5%
Winslow Switchbacks0.45 mi220 ft9.1%
W Devils Den Rd3.35 mi-361 ft-1.4%
West Devils Den Road Climb0.33 mi266 ft15.0%
1.5 1.52 mi397 ft4.3%
2015 Joe Martin TT2.64 mi702 ft4.8%
JMSR TT - The Flat Bit0.44 mi-46 ft-0.6%
Joe Martin TT2.42 mi696 ft5.2%
JOE MARTIN REAL TT2.43 mi692 ft5.2%
1702.41 mi663 ft5.0%
Joe Martin TT Just Climb2.05 mi653 ft6.0%
Steep bit of the TT0.61 mi256 ft7.8%
County Road 284 Climb1.61 mi384 ft4.5%
Lincoln RR climb1.18 mi338 ft5.4%
The Other Side0.70 mi279 ft7.2%
Hwy 244 West6.47 mi-236 ft-0.4%
244 Finish Hill West0.34 mi105 ft5.7%
Arkansas 59 Climb0.76 mi262 ft6.6%
River Hill Hwy 161.74 mi223 ft2.4%
Lake Wedington North0.34 mi72 ft3.6%
Savoy True Climb1.84 mi253 ft2.6%
Savoy Climb1.70 mi217 ft2.2%
Arbor Acres roller0.32 mi36 ft1.7%
W Steel RD1.34 mi171 ft2.3%
Steele Rd Hill0.86 mi154 ft3.3%
Johnson Mill Road Back to Town0.84 mi49 ft1.0%
new mud creek from johnson0.52 mi20 ft0.2%
To Phat Tire0.74 mi20 ft0.1%