MORE route LP section 3

Cycling Route

116.23 mi
6,731 ft
Twinwood Lake campground to Seaton Creek campground
Created By
matt acker

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The drop off? They’re going to the drop off?!0.82 mi-148 ft-3.3%
Pierce to Nichols Lake4.98 mi46 ft0.1%
Flying0.40 mi-82 ft-3.9%
North Country Trail (W. 40th to Sulak)1.30 mi59 ft0.3%
Timber Creek to Sable River11.97 mi-381 ft-0.1%
NCT- US10 to M5533.00 mi-6,673 ft-0.0%
Timber creek to triple tree2.98 mi299 ft1.9%
Second Climb1.30 mi217 ft3.2%
Little O/NCT Downhill #30.47 mi-92 ft-3.4%
Little O/NCT Downhill #41.84 mi-230 ft-2.3%
Little O to Centerline0.96 mi-190 ft-3.4%
Little O/NCT Downhill #50.57 mi-82 ft-2.7%
3 Mile rd - north0.14 mi89 ft10.2%
One mile+ sprint to river1.25 mi-167 ft-2.5%
5 mile to Freesoil Rd3.82 mi-75 ft-0.4%
NCT Climb S. Udell Hills0.31 mi108 ft5.8%
Fire Tower Rd Climb1.38 mi272 ft3.7%
Race you to the car0.71 mi-16 ft-0.4%
North Country Trail - Tippy Dam (Dilling Rd) to Red Bridge (Coates Hwy)5.66 mi335 ft0.6%
NCT Ravine Climb #10.46 mi177 ft7.2%
Turn-N-Bern1.08 mi-167 ft-2.8%
NCT - 2nd Climb Going North0.43 mi171 ft7.4%
Red Bridge Tower Rd Climb0.79 mi276 ft6.6%
Rip it UP0.71 mi115 ft3.1%
Let er' Rip1.07 mi-276 ft-4.9%
Sheep Ranch Rd Climb0.67 mi302 ft8.5%
Sweets Ravine Drop1.16 mi-276 ft-4.5%