Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail

Running Route

7.21 mi
1,065 ft
Created By
Albert Wilcox

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Strawberry Canyon - Stadium to Connector1.36 mi486 ft6.7%
Stadium to MSRL via Strawberry Canyon4.15 mi823 ft3.8%
Strawberry Canyon0.46 mi118 ft4.9%
Berkeley Fire Trail - Stadium to Bench2.34 mi751 ft6.1%
Stadium to Parking Lot0.40 mi108 ft5.1%
Centennial + Lower Fire Trail climb (stadium to connector)1.21 mi328 ft5.1%
Lower Jordan Fire Trail Climb0.79 mi213 ft5.0%
Lower Jordan first half mile0.53 mi148 ft5.0%
Claremont Ave Climb1.86 mi630 ft6.4%
Lower Jordan FT + steep pitch0.88 mi354 ft7.6%
Fire trail repeats0.78 mi210 ft5.0%
Fire Trail to Bench1.74 mi617 ft6.7%
Strawberry 400m ups0.23 mi72 ft5.9%
Strawberry Hill3.62 mi666 ft3.4%
Strawberry Canyon First Mile (includes Connector)1.07 mi387 ft6.8%
Panoramic Way Climb0.31 mi138 ft8.4%
Lower Jordan second half Mile0.50 mi233 ft8.8%
Hill repeats cement to connector0.27 mi59 ft4.0%
Connector Climb0.29 mi203 ft12.1%
Connector Uphill Sprint0.08 mi118 ft25.1%
Connector Climb0.10 mi138 ft25.4%
Upper Jordan fire trail climb 0.91 mi269 ft5.6%
Upper Jordan Mile1.01 mi253 ft4.7%
Strbrry Cnyn 1.0 to 1.50.50 mi118 ft4.5%
Claremont Ave Climb0.21 mi161 ft13.8%
Strbrry Cnyn 1.5 to 2.00.50 mi135 ft5.1%
Claremont Ave Climb0.36 mi164 ft8.3%
bench to 3.5 marker1.62 mi16 ft0.0%
Fire Trail: Bench to Top1.82 mi115 ft0.9%
Fire Trail - Bench to Parking Lot1.70 mi52 ft0.4%
Upper fire trail "half mile"0.45 mi-23 ft-0.5%
Upper fire trail mile trial (northbound)1.00 mi39 ft0.2%
Jordan Fire Trail between climbs0.66 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Jordan Fire Trail between climbs0.66 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Train Junction to Parking Lot0.77 mi52 ft1.2%
Cyclotron Rd Climb0.33 mi157 ft9.1%