Mabel Lake

Cycling Route

207.71 km
2,454 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Enderby Ashton Cr.7.04 km27 m0.2%
Trinity Valley Road Climb2.87 km176 m6.1%
Escaping Trinity2.73 km-161 m-5.8%
Trinity Bomb2.32 km-148 m-6.4%
Albers Road to Mabel Lake (end of tarmac)27.98 km-125 m-0.3%
Camel Flats2.82 km42 m1.5%
Down to Shuswap Falls (North)1.08 km-37 m-3.4%
Blast along the Shuswap north1.66 km24 m1.4%
Mabel to Enderby hill1.60 km76 m4.7%
Ashton Cr to Enderby8.84 km-29 m-0.3%