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Evesham Escapade 103 miles

Cycling Route

103.18 mi
5,994 ft
Created By
Evesham Cyclefest

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Smile for the camera - southbound0.19 mi-0 ft0.0%
Stanton Fields to St George. N.C.2.25 mi79 ft0.7%
Safe Stanway Mill Rise0.07 mi33 ft8.1%
Fall from St. George To the Tree0.85 mi-49 ft-1.1%
The Tree to Main Road0.67 mi-26 ft-0.7%
Salter's lane OFFICIAL South-west Climbs1.42 mi610 ft8.1%
Salters Lane TT0.50 mi315 ft11.9%
Dropping in to Guiting P1.56 mi-180 ft-1.5%
Hyde climb 0.61 mi115 ft3.6%
Snowshill to Broadway 2.26 mi-492 ft-4.1%
Snowshill Descent1.03 mi-436 ft-8.0%
Descent (dodging people parking...)0.66 mi-302 ft-8.6%
Parker Place Climb0.39 mi36 ft1.5%
Lights stop sprint...0.26 mi-7 ft0.0%
Sprint into Willersey0.63 mi13 ft0.3%
Smallbrook to Field Lane0.38 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Saintbury OFFICIAL South-west Climbs1.51 mi627 ft7.8%
Saintbury (steep part at start)0.81 mi404 ft9.4%
Just the hill...0.25 mi164 ft12.3%
Kingscombe descent from short Saintbury1.43 mi-187 ft-2.5%
Apache style no brakes0.55 mi-249 ft-8.5%
Weston decent 0.35 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Weston Subedge to Honeybourne Station1.96 mi-69 ft-0.6%
Final dash0.34 mi7 ft0.4%
Goodbye Pebworth down Dorsington Rd1.18 mi-82 ft-1.3%
Barton 30 to 300.47 mi-7 ft0.0%
Sprint For The Bridge0.55 mi-13 ft-0.3%
Clean Sweep1.61 mi144 ft1.5%
Hillers Dash Westbound0.62 mi36 ft1.0%
Rous Lench Climb0.49 mi131 ft5.0%
Aimee's FTP Builder !1.67 mi161 ft1.0%
Down and Up0.30 mi23 ft0.4%
Up and down Mill Lane0.92 mi92 ft0.1%
Hill sprint0.25 mi43 ft3.0%
Pensham Rise0.24 mi79 ft6.2%
Great Comberton Westward Ho2.31 mi-118 ft-0.5%
Torqued 0.21 mi39 ft2.4%
Combertons Lane Climb0.14 mi49 ft6.4%
It's not cricket (Googly)0.62 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Westmancote to Kemerton Slope0.45 mi39 ft1.7%
Kemerton to Conderton1.16 mi59 ft1.0%
Conderton to Beckford1.62 mi-128 ft-1.1%
Peak to Peak3.71 mi138 ft0.0%
Beckford out of Ashton3.21 mi128 ft0.5%
Ashton-up-the-hill!0.38 mi72 ft3.5%
Sprint down then climb0.78 mi105 ft1.1%
Charge the Castle!1.47 mi92 ft0.5%
Salt way to Haselor lane.0.64 mi49 ft0.8%
The Orchard Getaway!0.37 mi-33 ft-1.6%
from the bridge 20.31 mi30 ft1.8%