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Martinsville/Low Gap (Griffey) (cw)

Cycling Route

51.43 mi
2,904 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Indiana Avenue (Heading North from 7th St. to 10th St.)0.19 mi26 ft2.1%
Matlock to Causeway Downhill1.24 mi-194 ft-2.7%
Griffey Ups & Downs0.45 mi75 ft0.0%
Hinkle Rd. (Main Climb)0.58 mi141 ft4.6%
Griffey East0.20 mi89 ft8.2%
Hinkle Road north of Griffy0.95 mi194 ft3.8%
Firehouse Descent0.66 mi-190 ft-5.4%
Farmland sprint - Boltinghouse to Anderson1.81 mi59 ft0.1%
old 37 Robinson to Anderson1.76 mi49 ft0.0%
Old 37 - Farm to Chambers2.47 mi253 ft1.9%
Old State Climb0.40 mi141 ft6.6%
Newt Fulford Rd to the Orchard1.98 mi85 ft0.8%
goin down0.57 mi-161 ft-5.3%
Forest Northbound Hill0.61 mi151 ft4.7%
Bryant Creek Lake Bump0.59 mi151 ft4.8%
Bryant Creek Damn to Clown Heaven3.32 mi-233 ft-0.4%
69 em1.12 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Country View to Cramer1.17 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Mahalasville Rd Sprint2.13 mi-7 ft0.0%
Mario Kart's Yoshi Valley4.02 mi217 ft1.0%
Mahalasville Climb0.75 mi112 ft2.8%
Low Gap (Downey Rd - pond shy of Anderson))5.18 mi223 ft0.0%
Low Gap Southbound1.11 mi200 ft3.3%
Low Gap/MMSF Steep Part0.29 mi115 ft7.4%
Anderson Road from Low Gap to Old 375.44 mi-82 ft-0.0%
Greasy to Buck Creek4.28 mi259 ft0.9%
Anderson from Bean Blossom to Old 374.23 mi-69 ft-0.1%
Anderson Road - Forest to Old 374.18 mi-62 ft-0.1%
Anderson Farr to Old 373.71 mi-66 ft-0.0%
Anderson - Shilo to Old 372.34 mi-59 ft-0.3%
final kick0.66 mi-62 ft-1.5%
Anderson Sprint Point0.09 mi-10 ft-1.8%
Farmland sprint - Anderson to Boltinghouse1.84 mi-56 ft-0.0%
Schneaky Climb0.16 mi39 ft4.4%
Wylie to Sprint Line0.66 mi-26 ft-0.6%
Firehouse Hill0.82 mi256 ft3.9%
Firehouse Ascent0.68 mi194 ft5.3%
Hinkle Descent1.04 mi-180 ft-3.2%
Griffy South main hill0.49 mi167 ft6.4%
Griffy South steep part0.28 mi118 ft7.7%
Griffy0.80 mi171 ft3.8%
Griffy South Full Climb1.08 mi164 ft2.6%
The Briscoe Disco0.15 mi33 ft3.8%
10th: Fee to Woodlawn0.24 mi-16 ft-1.3%