Past Week

Party Down

Cycling Route

50.59 mi
3,427 ft
Created By
Kevin H
October 9, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
7th through campus from Indiana to 461.37 mi82 ft0.9%
7th Street, Jordan to tunnel (eastbound)0.83 mi52 ft0.7%
Eastbound 7th from Jordan to Pete Ellis1.22 mi52 ft0.4%
Bike Path Uphill from under SR 45-46 Bypass0.08 mi16 ft3.8%
Smith to Bethel2.99 mi69 ft0.3%
Mario Kart's Kalimari Desert1.71 mi75 ft0.2%
45 - Bethel to Tunnel2.38 mi-36 ft-0.0%
Lanam Ridge + Owl Creek (eastbound) 4.84 mi-331 ft-0.9%
Owl Creek Descending1.72 mi-299 ft-3.3%
Unhappy Grandma (Safe Version)1.08 mi312 ft5.4%
Unhappy Grandma1.08 mi315 ft5.5%
North Morrison Road Climb0.82 mi266 ft6.1%
Dot's Helmsburg to Southshore3.51 mi79 ft0.3%
S. Shore Flat West1.08 mi-10 ft-0.0%
South Shore climb #20.26 mi112 ft7.9%
Robinson Road West 3.54 mi-223 ft-1.0%
Get Aggressive Cletus1.84 mi-164 ft-1.7%
Firehouse to Walnut1.72 mi-177 ft-1.9%
Cascades Challenge full length1.70 mi121 ft1.3%
Cascades Challenge v31.09 mi105 ft1.8%
N. College Climb0.66 mi105 ft2.9%
College climb from 17th0.36 mi62 ft3.3%