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Blaze 75 Mile Road Route

Cycling Route

74.76 mi
4,765 ft
Created By
Dave Hagen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lion's Den from south0.52 mi89 ft3.2%
2 Hump Camel Downhill0.78 mi-256 ft-6.1%
550 down.6.01 mi89 ft0.2%
Hermosa to base of Shalona3.19 mi210 ft1.1%
New Shalona1.73 mi545 ft6.0%
New Shalona1.68 mi531 ft6.0%
Old Shalona Downhill2.63 mi-574 ft-4.1%
Speed Check 1.61 mi-459 ft-5.4%
Hairpin to stop sign6.82 mi-171 ft-0.4%
250 in13.26 mi-233 ft-0.2%
bakers to bread12.82 mi-207 ft-0.2%
1km Hill Sprint0.55 mi56 ft1.6%
Oy Oy Oy! Cancellara!!0.27 mi33 ft2.4%
Interval S2.87 mi-98 ft-0.5%
250 - Trimble to 32nd6.32 mi79 ft0.1%
flying 1km0.71 mi30 ft0.7%
Davies Pink Hole0.20 mi-30 ft-2.7%
Jehovah's Hill0.61 mi52 ft1.6%
end of the valley1.47 mi85 ft1.1%
Pixeleen 0.58 mi36 ft0.9%
Florida Kick0.20 mi39 ft3.4%
Edgemont Climb3.20 mi755 ft4.5%
Helen's Corner - out11.91 mi1,135 ft1.8%
Edgemont Run in0.64 mi92 ft2.7%
Edgemont Climb2.87 mi755 ft5.0%
Meet at the Sportsclub2.89 mi745 ft4.9%
Casa Stewie Climb6.69 mi748 ft2.1%
The Pain 1.62 mi420 ft4.9%
Cracked 0.52 mi184 ft6.6%
Cigar Box Climb0.28 mi98 ft6.6%
234 to 243 Climb7.46 mi528 ft1.3%
Helen's Store Climb0.55 mi125 ft4.2%
240 to 501 descent2.07 mi-535 ft-4.9%
501 North (240 to Station 2)4.29 mi259 ft1.1%
501 South (Station 2 to 240)4.28 mi-259 ft-1.1%
Co Rd 501 Climb1.76 mi446 ft4.8%
Helen's Corner - in11.84 mi-1,132 ft-1.8%
Colvig backside0.42 mi89 ft3.9%
Power Surge0.19 mi39 ft3.8%
uphill sprint0.14 mi36 ft3.4%
240 W from 2341.16 mi138 ft2.0%
Bang n Go Extended (whole climb from 234 to Silver Queen)0.58 mi92 ft3.0%
Bang 'n Go0.21 mi75 ft6.6%
Edgemont Descent3.18 mi-755 ft-4.5%
Town Sprint on Florida Rd.0.75 mi-161 ft-4.0%
Crooz to Breadz0.39 mi-56 ft-2.6%
Stop Light to First Bump0.28 mi115 ft7.6%
N College Dr. Climb0.80 mi240 ft5.6%
Up to School 1.64 mi226 ft2.1%
North College Pain0.31 mi112 ft6.8%