Past Week

Blaze 17 Mile MTB Route

Cycling Route

16.5 mi
2,245 ft
Created By
Dave Hagen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The Factory0.57 mi-184 ft-6.1%
Front Hill DH0.61 mi-246 ft-7.5%
County Road 237 Climb0.76 mi262 ft6.5%
Gulch TH to Mike's Summit2.93 mi863 ft5.6%
Gulch TH to Mike's Summit2.93 mi863 ft5.6%
Gulch TH to Mike's Summit2.93 mi863 ft5.6%
Horse gulch road 0.65 mi236 ft6.9%
Meadow's Climb0.47 mi121 ft4.9%
Climb for Stacy's1.41 mi358 ft4.8%
Meadow + Stacy Climb1.43 mi338 ft4.5%
Meadow - Stacy's - Mike's Climb2.30 mi653 ft5.3%
Full Meadow climb0.97 mi240 ft3.6%
3/4 loop3.99 mi653 ft0.9%
County Road 237 Climb0.98 mi318 ft6.1%
Mikes Climb From Meadow 1.13 mi423 ft6.8%
stacy's ascent0.39 mi138 ft6.7%
NEW - Mikes Climb from Meadow1.27 mi400 ft5.9%
Stacy's climb0.30 mi128 ft8.2%
Mike's Secret0.82 mi266 ft6.1%
end of mikes climb0.18 mi144 ft15.1%
NEW End of Mike's Climb0.29 mi131 ft8.4%
Mikes/Cuchillo Descent1.64 mi-407 ft-4.7%
Mike's Descent0.38 mi-118 ft-5.8%
Mike's / Upper Cuchillo DH0.80 mi-295 ft-6.9%
cuchillo DH1.12 mi-279 ft-4.7%
2020 Peace Love Enduro Cuchillo0.30 mi-180 ft-11.2%
The Whole Best Section0.31 mi-200 ft-11.9%
Best section0.33 mi-174 ft-9.7%
Dew (Do) Drop Trail0.20 mi39 ft1.5%
Washing Machine0.13 mi56 ft4.2%
Washing Machine0.13 mi56 ft4.2%
Bob's Down0.39 mi-125 ft-5.8%
Road Diversion0.45 mi128 ft5.3%
Bob's climb0.43 mi118 ft4.9%
Benches > top o' sug3.13 mi922 ft5.6%
Sugar Up1.55 mi577 ft7.0%
NEW Sugar UP1.46 mi528 ft6.8%
SHGR to Connector1.43 mi538 ft7.1%
Sugar Up (to first overlook)1.40 mi525 ft7.1%
Sugar Up. No Waiting Room1.42 mi561 ft7.5%
Sugar, Skyline3.44 mi-778 ft-0.7%
Sugar to Skyline Connector0.23 mi49 ft4.1%
Descent from Skyline to first junction1.44 mi-679 ft-8.9%
Power Line Down to Molas TH0.86 mi-210 ft-4.6%
Power Dive0.36 mi-112 ft-5.9%
Talker down0.42 mi-148 ft-5.2%
Frisbee Golf, Anyone?0.16 mi46 ft5.1%
Frisbee golf, descent?0.18 mi-16 ft-1.7%
Whoopy Goldberg0.58 mi20 ft0.5%
Hollywood Sprint to Campus0.14 mi7 ft0.1%