Past Two Weeks
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Kirribilli through Inner West, to Sydney Park Alexandria and return through city of Sydney

Cycling Route

29.15 km
382 m
Created By
Lachlan Soper

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Harbour Bridge to the CBD1.57 km-43 m-0.1%
SHB Southbound from bottom of stairs TR1.55 km26 m0.4%
Sydney Harbour Bridge - North Ramp to South Ramp1.45 km14 m0.0%
Sydney Harbour Bridge North0.57 km16 m2.8%
Sydney Harbour Bridge by bike1.27 km31 m0.4%
Pylon to Pylon - South0.56 km9 m0.9%
Candyman - South0.51 km5 m0.6%
harbour bridge 100m0.10 km-5 m-4.5%
Bang a Roo down1.03 km-17 m-1.5%
Barangaroo Downhill0.33 km-21 m-5.0%
Barangaroo Point - South0.61 km-22 m-0.3%
Darling to Top of Pyrmont0.51 km8 m1.5%
Wentworth Park Sprint0.26 km-2 m-0.8%
Bridge rd - Glebe Point rd1.32 km6 m0.3%
Blackwattle Bay west bound1.01 km5 m0.4%
Blackwattle Full0.88 km-2 m-0.2%
Blackwattle Start0.32 km4 m1.3%
Blackwattle Corner 20.10 km1 m0.8%
Blackwattle Corner0.08 km0 m0.0%
Boat house to Glebe Point rd0.26 km3 m1.1%
Pedestrian dodging 0.82 km-17 m-2.1%
Booth Street roundabout to lights0.23 km9 m3.8%
Booth St Hill0.42 km9 m1.4%
king of spades0.66 km-12 m-1.6%
Vegan to Go0.47 km-8 m-1.7%
King St South0.93 km-17 m-1.8%
Bowden St0.49 km-3 m-0.5%
McEvoy to Phillip Sprint0.51 km8 m1.3%
Cleveland To Fitzy Lights to lights Sprint Fixed start0.62 km7 m1.1%
Bourke St Clamber0.47 km22 m4.7%
Bourke st count north0.40 km9 m1.8%
Bourke Street Cycleway Counter 10.09 km-3 m-3.9%
Liverpool St Down Castlereagh to George0.23 km-51 m-16.8%
Liverpool to Staircase via underpass3.76 km80 m0.1%
Kent St Cycleway Northbound1.50 km46 m0.9%
Park to Kent St Hussle0.89 km-7 m-0.0%
King to Bridge Hustle1.25 km27 m0.5%
Kent Street Cycleway Counter 20.09 km-9 m-7.6%
Under the bridges0.31 km42 m13.1%
The Bridge (North)1.73 km45 m0.1%
Harbour Bridge Sprint North1.56 km43 m0.1%
Sydney Harbour Bridge Sth Ramp to Nth Ramp1.47 km-41 m-0.1%
Sydney Harbour Bridge South0.76 km17 m2.3%
Harbour Bridge Run1.54 km16 m0.5%
To Work!1.50 km43 m0.1%
Harbour Bridge Uphill0.82 km-38 m-4.6%
Sydney Harbour Bridge to Milsons/Kirribilli1.45 km27 m0.8%
Pylon to Pylon - North0.53 km-5 m-0.2%
Candyman - North0.53 km5 m0.3%
Olympic Dr Climb0.41 km31 m7.6%