CR&P Skyline

Running Route

8.31 mi
851 ft
8.3 mile circuit taking in the trails above Camborne Redruth and Pool (C,R&P). Based on the Great Flat Load Mining Trails with an beast of an ascent up the back of Carn Brea. Designed to start and end at the Great Flat Load Sign in the South Wheel Frances Car Park and run clockwise. The route must be followed if you're competing for the fastest time!
Created By
Ben James

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
GFL South Wheal Frances 1.21 mi-125 ft-0.4%
Leaving Wheal Frances0.87 mi-135 ft-2.9%
GFL King Ed's Mine0.66 mi85 ft0.2%
Towards Cook's Kitchen0.50 mi-56 ft-1.6%
Chapel Hill Climb0.70 mi253 ft6.7%
basil0.61 mi187 ft5.8%
Down from the monument0.54 mi-135 ft-4.5%
Up from the dip0.58 mi180 ft5.8%
Flat load huffer 0.86 mi43 ft0.8%