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Fife 4 Life

Cycling Route

64.35 km
1,027 m
Bit of a shambles attempt at a gravel-ish route through my old stomping grounds.
Created By
Ross Finnie

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
North Queensferry Coastal Path Northbound2.85 km26 m0.1%
Coastal path to Inverkeithing 2.35 km-24 m-0.1%
Climb to Inverkeithing0.89 km25 m2.8%
It's a climb, it's in Inverkeithing, it's NOT hazardous!0.81 km25 m3.0%
Down to coast0.67 km-11 m-1.6%
Letham Hill - Full Climb1.90 km80 m4.2%
Letham Hill (uphill)1.22 km50 m3.4%
Something Something Loam0.09 km-14 m-11.1%
Beach climb0.41 km7 m0.3%
Coastal Path Stair Sprint W-E0.37 km-8 m-0.5%
Short & Sharp0.05 km2 m3.8%
Radioactive Bay W -E1.82 km11 m0.5%
Radioactive Hillclimb1.10 km10 m0.5%
St Bridgets Climb0.30 km6 m1.9%
En Route to Braefoot 0.85 km16 m1.9%
Braefoot Interval0.24 km25 m10.1%
Braefoot beating0.23 km19 m6.4%
Home run0.64 km15 m2.1%
Aberdour Golf Course E-W1.21 km-13 m-1.0%
Up the hill to silversands0.25 km17 m5.1%
Tunnel to Tunnel2.74 km-48 m-0.3%
AtoB coastal path (not on the train!)3.20 km-41 m-0.1%
The three flats1.06 km-11 m-0.7%
Three Lump Sprint0.48 km-7 m-1.4%
Aberdour to Burntisland Coastal path 1km0.92 km21 m0.2%
Blast to Bisland1.67 km-43 m-2.0%
Railway path flat (W→E)0.48 km1 m0.1%
up 'n doon0.19 km8 m0.7%
kingswood to khorn 301.65 km31 m1.8%
the warm up0.51 km18 m3.5%
the flying dutchman0.27 km-16 m-5.9%
to the castle0.46 km-17 m-3.2%
Jawbanes Rd climb2.52 km106 m4.2%
B923 Climb2.27 km101 m4.5%
Jawbanes East-West Part 24.53 km63 m1.2%
a909 descent0.69 km-47 m-6.5%
Tarmac & dirt2.62 km102 m3.8%
Cullaloe climb to ruin1.20 km49 m2.7%
A909 - Cullaloe - Mill Farm Road3.17 km-52 m-0.3%
Cullaloe Descent1.21 km-55 m-4.4%
Piston Pumpin1.23 km-54 m-4.4%
Fordell chicane 0.33 km-18 m-5.3%
Old Quarry Run2.41 km-31 m-1.2%
under the trees0.75 km-3 m-0.0%
Fordell to Pinnelwood1.85 km-57 m-2.7%
Puddle jumper0.35 km-17 m-4.7%
Inverkeithing Descent to Forth Bridge2.08 km-27 m-0.1%
Inverkeithing Hope St Descent0.83 km-23 m-2.8%
up to the bridge1.14 km35 m2.9%
Ferrytoll to FRB0.93 km32 m3.4%