Mission Peak from Ohlone College

Running Route

3.32 mi
2,086 ft
Created By
Zack S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pk climb from start to the Pk trail 0.24 mi148 ft11.3%
MP uphill (Ohlone)3.25 mi2,070 ft12.0%
Mission Peak - Ohlone TH to Summit3.27 mi2,047 ft11.8%
Ohlone to Mission Peak - New 3.24 mi2,064 ft12.0%
Ohlone Hill Reps - gate to gate0.11 mi98 ft16.9%
Ohlone Mission Peak - Gate to Outhouse (Running)2.37 mi1,348 ft10.8%
Ohlone to Mission Peak (2015 Trail Mod)3.04 mi1,919 ft12.0%
Ohlone to Mission Peak3.07 mi1,906 ft11.8%
Mission Peak Climb - Ohlone Gate to Y2.41 mi1,414 ft11.1%
Mission Peak Climb - First Mile1.06 mi614 ft10.9%
Rocky Road (to first overlook)0.49 mi358 ft13.8%
Mission peak - ohlone gate to summit3.12 mi1,906 ft11.5%
Mission Peak ascent from Ohlone College3.09 mi1,913 ft11.7%
Peak Trail Climb0.64 mi344 ft10.2%
Mill Creek Rd Climb0.25 mi144 ft10.5%
S+O common summit push0.59 mi495 ft15.8%
Wall repeats0.16 mi157 ft18.0%
Man Made Hill (Interval)0.14 mi135 ft17.7%
climb to trash cans Mission Peak0.26 mi230 ft16.4%
Mission Peak Climb to Summit0.38 mi404 ft19.8%
Verostrong summit finish0.26 mi266 ft18.8%