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14.5m from Rose bowl up Brown Mt

Running Route

14.47 mi
1,707 ft
Start at the aquatics center. Run north on the east side of the road bowl and cross Washington Blvd. Continue north until you get onto a trail path. This will take you towards devils gate reservoir. Continue north towards JPL and you'll find the route that leads up Brown Mt. Be careful of mountain bikers. You can also turn back early to make it into a shorter run or continue out a little more to make it into a longer run.
Created By
Andres T. De La Cruz

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clubhouse Mile0.99 mi89 ft1.7%
RB Drive Repeats0.19 mi62 ft5.9%
Rose Bowl East Trail0.67 mi62 ft1.7%
Trails North of Brookside. Under the Freeway.0.72 mi59 ft1.5%
Upper Arroyo to bottom of hill0.74 mi72 ft1.8%
Rock up0.36 mi148 ft7.7%
Freeway to Tunnel0.18 mi118 ft11.9%
Run the Dam Hill0.05 mi49 ft17.0%
Scramble up the Dam0.07 mi75 ft19.2%
Dam Rd to 2nd Pump House0.67 mi-36 ft-0.1%
Hahamongna Trail Run North (Downhill)0.64 mi49 ft0.1%
Arroyo Seco Climb North1.19 mi82 ft1.3%
Flashflood Evacuation Preparedness Drill0.05 mi13 ft4.1%
Trailhead to Brown Mountain Y0.60 mi79 ft2.3%
Gate to Brown Saddle and Back6.73 mi1,214 ft0.1%
N Arroyo Blvd Climb0.47 mi184 ft7.2%
Climb to NASA hut0.80 mi351 ft8.1%
El Prieto Climb2.60 mi1,083 ft7.9%
El Prieto Y to NASA Hut0.56 mi253 ft8.5%
First 2 miles of Fern Truck Tr Climb2.00 mi932 ft8.8%
Fern Truck Trail entire climb2.54 mi1,040 ft7.7%
El P to Brown Saddle2.71 mi1,076 ft7.3%
Fern Tktl Climb0.54 mi253 ft8.8%
Fern Truck Trail Climb0.46 mi223 ft8.1%
Brown Descent from the first saddle2.61 mi-1,089 ft-7.8%
Dodging Horse Poo0.23 mi-46 ft-3.6%
Hahamongna Trail Run South (Uphill)0.63 mi-52 ft-0.2%
Leaving the Spreading Ponds0.11 mi-10 ft-1.6%
Rose back1.29 mi-102 ft-1.5%
Give it your ALL @ the Grand Daddy0.98 mi-72 ft-1.4%
Rose Bowl Downslope (Clockwise)1.11 mi-85 ft-1.4%
Last mile - 5K1.01 mi-79 ft-1.4%
"The night, it is a very dark time for me"0.24 mi-39 ft-3.0%