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Peters Canyon Half Marathon Course

Running Route

13.13 mi
1,705 ft
Created By
Jeri S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lakeview & Cactus Point Uphill0.99 mi66 ft1.3%
Cactus Loop 800 Up0.48 mi69 ft2.1%
Cactus Loop 800 Up0.48 mi69 ft2.1%
uggh steep 0.05 mi39 ft12.8%
Lake View downhill0.11 mi-79 ft-12.7%
Big Red to Entrance1.29 mi-187 ft-2.7%
Peters CC Loop (North Start)2.94 mi272 ft0.0%
Eucalyptus up hill 0.27 mi102 ft6.9%
East Ridge - Reservoir to the peak0.82 mi249 ft5.5%
Miralago Pl Climb0.39 mi164 ft7.7%
Climb up dam0.27 mi98 ft5.7%
climb after dam0.14 mi69 ft6.0%
Cactus Loop 800 Down0.48 mi-72 ft-2.7%
Lakeview and Cactus Point Downhill0.99 mi-75 ft-1.4%
turnaround climb0.20 mi46 ft4.1%
Avoiding Big Red!1.40 mi-210 ft-1.1%
Gnatcatcher Trail-Peters Canyon0.43 mi82 ft1.9%
Peter's - Gnatcatcher Climb & Ridge View Trail1.36 mi-207 ft-1.0%
East Ridge Hill0.11 mi79 ft12.8%
Along the Ridge1.01 mi-210 ft-2.4%
Lower trail to first right1.19 mi167 ft2.6%
Trail cut off to next right 0.76 mi125 ft3.1%