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Gravelbike Wörthersee T8 | Faaker See Hinterland

Gravel Riding Trail

61.68 km
1,152 m
The tour leads from Velden am Wörthersee via Selpritsch and Emmersdorf to the Drava River. It becomes mystical soon after crossing the river, when it goes to the former mountain site with the numerous pits and caves under the Bleiberg. Today, scouts meet there in the summer months to camp in Techuana.

After the stopover, a short climb over the Orainsattel leads to Ledenitzen. From now on you move in the Karawanken - mainly uphill ;) Numerous rustic refreshment stops (Gasthof Sticker, Martinihof and Buschenschank Ischnighof) invite you to stop in between. At Martinihof we recommend a short stopover at the town sign - a snapshot with your gravel bike is worth it.

By the way, the entire area is known for its numerous mountain bike trails. If you want to enjoy the absolutely most brilliant view, take the short detour to Baumgartnerhof before descending to the Finkenstein castle ruins. The rewarding descent past the historic Kanzianiberg mountain leads to Finkenstein. Over the gravel road of the Finkensteiner Moor and through the Faaker Fitnessparcour the round goes back to Ledenitzen and by a crispy ascent to the Humkirche. If you don't feel like any more uphill stages, you can follow the main road in the direction of Unterferlach (past Gasthof Rausch) to Pirk and rejoin the track there.

Return to the starting point by the Drava River at Frojach, through the Celtic world at Frög and the Rosegg Castle Zoo.
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Christian R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Erlenweg climb0.41 km29 m7.2%
Primele Hill up0.34 km15 m4.2%
OSvs0.37 km39 m10.5%
OSK0.77 km65 m8.4%
Orainsattel1.14 km99 m8.6%
Orainsattel-Climb1.53 km109 m7.1%
KOPEINclimb4.01 km249 m6.2%
Ressmann Huabn2.02 km197 m9.7%
Altfinkenstein↘️Finkenstein4.26 km-257 m-6.0%
Kirchenwirt --> Faak2.72 km18 m0.4%
Finkensteiner Moor Richtung Faak1.85 km16 m0.8%
Ledernitzen short0.37 km25 m6.9%
PETELINclimb2.74 km155 m5.5%
Rosegger Straße #21.34 km51 m3.8%
Rosegger uphill sprint0.58 km32 m5.5%