Under the Shadow of Silver Star

Cycling Route

124.36 km
1,457 m
Created By
OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hwy 97 hill1.04 km49 m4.7%
Okanagan Climb2.49 km60 m2.4%
Sassy's Sprint0.96 km-9 m-0.8%
Up the Atlantis path0.37 km1 m0.1%
Let's Go All The Way6.43 km28 m0.2%
PVR Rollers4.70 km21 m0.3%
Wonkers Delight0.68 km-8 m-1.2%
Squires to Butcher Boys1.70 km26 m1.4%
Squires Pub0.58 km19 m3.2%
morts courbe de l'homme0.50 km9 m1.8%
15th South0.54 km10 m1.4%
Middleton to Aberdeen1.85 km37 m1.9%
Buchanan Rd. to Cypress Dr 1.88 km64 m3.3%
Buchanan Road9.40 km82 m0.5%
Buchanan to Dure Meadow for some reason16.91 km100 m0.3%
Buchanan Rd Climb2.22 km68 m3.1%
Buchanan TT East8.58 km68 m0.8%
Buchanan - Grey to Murphy3.55 km50 m0.7%
Buchanan - Grey to Warren4.54 km59 m0.6%
Buchanan Rd grey rd to lavington 7.01 km65 m0.1%
Murphy Road to Lavington3.50 km-30 m-0.4%
Buchanan Flat Out3.05 km11 m0.1%
Death Wish IV0.36 km-26 m-7.2%
Lavington Lift1.46 km29 m1.9%
The Lumby Express3.54 km-16 m-0.2%
Ladyslipper Road Climb1.83 km128 m6.9%
Lumby to Enderby52.40 km-426 m-0.3%
Trinity Valley Climb (south)10.90 km282 m2.6%
TV North38.80 km-426 m-0.3%
Trinity Valley Rd Climb2.46 km167 m6.8%
Trinity climb to end of pavement5.14 km204 m3.8%
Packed gravel and pot holes33.16 km-414 m-0.9%
Ashton Cr to Enderby8.84 km-29 m-0.3%
Canyon Rd.2.84 km132 m4.6%
Canyon Road Upper Flat1.85 km-5 m-0.1%
Sleepy Hollow Fast and Furious Down5.15 km-169 m-3.2%
Peacock Hill0.77 km30 m3.9%
Morning Wood0.93 km-2 m-0.2%
Grandview Hill3.69 km113 m3.1%
Otter Lake Road Sprint Climb0.53 km28 m4.9%
grandview hill before bridge3.03 km71 m2.3%
Otter Lake Hill Sprint0.34 km18 m5.3%
Grandview not so Flats7.46 km-122 m-0.6%
St. Anne's Decent2.41 km-113 m-4.6%