YGR Road 40: Rattlesnake (Pinewood Reservoir) Climb

Cycling Route

4.67 mi
1,385 ft
Created By
Dan Porter- YGR
April 12, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Top of Rattlesnake fr.S.C.R.313.60 mi1,332 ft7.0%
Pole Hill - Carter Lake to Pinewood Dam4.69 mi1,325 ft4.7%
Pole Hill Rd. Climb3.53 mi1,325 ft7.1%
Pinewood res climb2.99 mi1,257 ft7.9%
Alt Route Route County Road 18 E Climb0.68 mi279 ft7.7%
Rattlesnake Climb3.08 mi1,237 ft7.6%
Pinewood Half to Pipe1.50 mi620 ft7.8%
Pinewood Lake Full Climb2.50 mi1,040 ft7.8%
Rattlesnake Ridge - speed limit sign to mailboxes2.89 mi1,184 ft7.7%
Pinewood Lower Half1.79 mi741 ft7.8%
Pipe to top1.46 mi620 ft8.0%
Last Steep Push to Top of Rattlesnake0.76 mi397 ft9.9%