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[dcw] Sellaronda - Dolomites clockwise loop

Cycling Route

66.65 km
2,316 m
The classical Sellaronda loop in the Dolomites to ride in clockwise direction with Passo Campolongo, Passo Pordoi, Passo Sella and Passo Gardena. Official route of the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" organized by For more informations check for the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" program on Climbs: - Campolongo - Pordoi - Sella - Gardena
Created By
Igor T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sompunt SPRINT0.93 km50 m5.2%
Passo Campolongo from Gerben's stop11.54 km492 m4.3%
Strada Statale 244 Climb1.24 km39 m3.0%
Dolomites Sellaronda (senso orario/clockwise)51.18 km719 m0.1%
campolongo da la perla5.16 km290 m5.6%
SP244 Climb0.55 km47 m8.5%
SP244 Climb0.85 km85 m9.9%
Passo Campolongo Climb0.38 km109 m28.4%
Campolongo DH3.61 km-281 m-7.7%
Passo Pordoi (East)9.04 km635 m7.0%
Passo Pordoi (da/from Arabba)9.22 km625 m6.8%
Pordoi da Arabba (r)9.00 km647 m7.1%
Pordoi Pass9.21 km632 m6.9%
Arabba-Passo Pordoi8.88 km642 m7.2%
Passo Pordoi (arabba to top)8.97 km589 m6.6%
arabba app-pordoi8.55 km578 m6.8%
passo pordoi da arabba4.44 km312 m7.0%
arabba passo pordoi8.70 km599 m6.8%
Pordoi East - from Tornante 68.00 km591 m7.3%
SR48 Climb1.46 km99 m6.7%
SR48 Climb1.55 km104 m6.7%
Strada Del Pordoi, 100 Climb1.83 km130 m7.0%
Passo Pordoi da Arabba (last km)0.84 km50 m5.9%
Passo Pordoi DH6.33 km-399 m-6.3%
Passo pordoi decent5.94 km-388 m-6.5%
passo Sella dal bivio Pordoi5.45 km420 m7.7%
Passo Sella (east)5.52 km419 m7.6%
Passo Sella5.56 km412 m7.2%
Passo Sella (da/from bv. Pordoi)5.50 km417 m7.5%
Passo Sella primo km da bivio Pordoi0.87 km57 m6.3%
Passo Sella (da/from bv. Pordoi) without the stop at the bottom5.21 km400 m7.7%
Strada Statale N.242 Climb1.39 km130 m9.3%
Streda Del Sella Climb1.16 km85 m7.3%
Passo Sella DH5.42 km-350 m-6.4%
Passo Sella DH5.23 km-375 m-6.7%
Passo Sella DH - segno di giunzione Gardena5.20 km-366 m-7.0%
GARDENA (Cruce Sella) / www.pirenaica.com5.72 km255 m4.4%
Passo di Gardena (west)5.89 km237 m4.0%
Passo Sella 1^ parte2.14 km164 m7.6%
Passo Gardena 1^ parte2.18 km173 m7.9%
Passo Gardena (da/from Plan de Gralba bv. Sella)5.75 km241 m4.2%
Strada Plan De Gralba Climb1.95 km138 m7.0%
Passo Gardena final section3.85 km123 m3.2%
Passo Gardena 3^ parte1.85 km114 m5.9%
Ss243 Climb1.41 km87 m6.2%
Passo Gardena da bivio Sella (last km)0.79 km52 m6.6%
Passo Gardena descent to Corvara8.75 km-574 m-6.6%
Passo Gardena DH8.67 km-591 m-6.8%
Gardena to Corvara8.83 km-568 m-6.4%
corvara-badia6.92 km-189 m-2.7%