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Kits triple crown - warm up on 8th, then...Spanish, Belmont, Belmont

Cycling Route

32.54 km
435 m
Created By
WOWride Cycling Club

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
York hill sprint (no stop signs)0.50 km14 m2.9%
York Ave Hill Sprint (West)0.65 km14 m2.0%
Dodgy Road run improved by a perfect bike path1.35 km9 m0.1%
Point Grey Sprint0.37 km3 m0.6%
Point Grey Sprint from Chips0.85 km9 m1.0%
Chips Palace of yoga0.64 km6 m0.8%
Highbury, 4th > 8th0.39 km11 m1.9%
8th Avenue [Highbury Street-Discovery Street]1.15 km54 m4.7%
Trimble Park Hill 1.32 km50 m3.7%
Jericho Garrison Climb0.95 km43 m4.5%
West 8th Lower Hill Sprint0.39 km15 m3.7%
Garrison Hill Getaway (El Gato)1.96 km68 m3.4%
West 8th Highbury to Blanca (LAS)1.90 km75 m3.9%
West 8th Hill-Highbury to Tolmie (AW)1.67 km73 m4.3%
West 8 K-E Hill Interval 0.57 km27 m4.7%
W8th Mid 1/3 (S-turn to WPGA)0.39 km15 m3.7%
Just a hill sprint on 8th0.91 km35 m3.8%
EC Group Hill Intervals0.81 km30 m3.6%
West 8th Steep Part0.31 km21 m6.7%
W8th Top 1/3 (WPGA to Trimble)0.47 km21 m4.5%
Church Tag Team0.34 km12 m3.5%
Post-Hill Sprint0.44 km12 m2.6%
safe post-hill sprint, you're welcome0.40 km13 m3.1%
Blanca to Hambler Rd Sprint1.82 km-20 m-0.4%
Blanca and West 4th to NW Marine Drive (AW)2.93 km-24 m-0.7%
Spalish0.97 km-9 m-0.0%
Van Half Iron no Pass Zone - Westward1.13 km-10 m-0.3%
Send It!1.80 km-74 m-4.1%
Chancellor to Acadia Beach1.30 km-56 m-4.3%
Andys death trap!0.74 km-29 m-3.9%
GS Sprint Interval (better trace)0.22 km5 m0.7%
Fenton!0.31 km1 m0.1%
Spanish Banks - to lights2.47 km70 m2.8%
Going for it...nah, fohgetaboutit0.48 km2 m0.5%
UBC Tri Club Hill TT2.02 km44 m1.9%
Spanish Banks hill2.02 km66 m3.2%
Pain seekers only0.55 km-10 m-0.9%
spanish banks climb1.85 km67 m3.6%
Spanglish banks0.54 km16 m2.9%
Spanish Banks - Car park to lay-by 1.26 km55 m4.3%
Spanish banks - parking lot to stop sign1.38 km46 m3.0%
Spanish Banks Climb - Middle Section0.42 km22 m5.1%
Spanish Middle short 0.35 km21 m5.8%
Spanish Banks Hill - Top (Acadia up)0.81 km25 m3.1%
Final 400m - Spanish Banks (EV)0.42 km10 m2.4%
Spanish Banks Hill Final Sprint0.19 km4 m1.8%
Spanish Final Push0.14 km6 m3.8%
UBC XW to XW sprint0.21 km4 m1.5%
Anthropology Sprint (MPH)0.35 km4 m1.2%
UBC Tri Course Sprint zone0.49 km-4 m-0.4%