Ferrycarrig Blackwater via Enniscorthy

Cycling Route

58.29 km
529 m
Created By
Georgina G

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ferrycarrig up1.17 km37 m3.1%
Kitestown to Kyle Cross2.54 km6 m0.2%
Ferrycarrig Hill - Enniscorthy Club TT Route7.18 km17 m0.2%
Newcastle to Enniscorthy15.62 km-59 m-0.3%
OLD VERSION - Team Crean 5K TT (N)5.01 km11 m0.2%
Oylgate to Enniscorthy8.04 km-61 m-0.7%
James Butler Memorial 5mile TT Route7.86 km-57 m-0.7%
oligate to eniscorthy tt mmm8.20 km-58 m-0.7%
James Butler TT 2019 (M11 roundabout to Enniscorthy)6.01 km-33 m-0.5%
Edermine to Enniscorthy5.16 km-15 m-0.1%
Old Bridge to Tomnafinshogue2.79 km50 m1.4%
Enniscorthy to Blackwater18.35 km89 m0.1%
Climb to Clonhaston cross1.60 km44 m2.6%
Kilcotty Hill1.55 km47 m3.0%
Baraghk heights 1.02 km23 m2.2%
Glentire1.84 km22 m1.2%
R744 Into Blackwater4.93 km-49 m-1.0%
R742 Climb0.56 km90 m15.9%
Blackwater out12.29 km-50 m-0.4%
Curracloe to R7415.09 km-22 m-0.2%
Outbound from Curracloe4.36 km-24 m-0.3%
Edenvale0.63 km25 m3.6%
left hand sling0.55 km24 m4.2%
The Don Ryan- John Power Hard Mans Stretch2.37 km-41 m-0.0%