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The Nanny Goat 2023

Cycling Route

54.21 km
1,068 m
The Nanny. You WILL need your Granny. No pushover and tough as a mountain goat.
Created By
David Kirkup

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Last Sprint0.18 km6 m3.1%
Grindleford Main Road Climb0.32 km18 m5.4%
Grindleford to Eyam Climb1.13 km68 m5.9%
New Road to Eyam Climb2.27 km92 m4.1%
Bottom to Barrel6.17 km228 m3.7%
Full New Road2.42 km91 m3.8%
A623 Climb0.30 km9 m1.8%
Edge Road to turnoff1.13 km98 m8.5%
Barrel Bound1.60 km53 m3.1%
Kick from the dip0.64 km33 m5.1%
The barrel decent1.84 km-103 m-5.4%
Bradshaw Drop1.00 km-77 m-7.6%
JP's gate to foolow1.20 km-38 m-2.6%
Foolow to Hucklow Turn Off1.61 km13 m0.0%
Conjoint Lane0.84 km15 m1.5%
Bottomhill Rd0.42 km19 m4.6%
Bottomhill Rd out of Litton0.87 km19 m2.1%
Cressbrook Descent2.11 km-140 m-6.6%
Switchback to Monsal Dale1.61 km-101 m-4.5%
Upperdale to Monsal Head0.89 km63 m6.7%
MONSAL Hill Climb (Official Start)0.57 km56 m8.7%
MONSAL - 3/4 distance0.40 km40 m9.9%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No30 Monsal Head0.46 km58 m12.4%
Monsal Head Sprint Start0.27 km46 m17.1%
The Showmans Stretch0.15 km19 m12.8%
MONSAL - SECTOR 30.13 km19 m14.4%
Monsal to Ashford Descent2.16 km-93 m-4.3%
SHELDON HILL - bet you wish you stuck to the A6 !!2.31 km187 m8.1%
Crazy Sheldon Bit!0.29 km60 m20.4%
Green lane nasty bit0.97 km111 m11.4%
Sheldon TT - last bit of climbing0.95 km57 m6.0%
giddy up 0.95 km-9 m-0.8%
Horse Lane to Moneyash2.01 km-58 m-2.9%
Monyash to Over Haddon turning3.36 km51 m0.8%
Monyash to Bakewell (not inc 30mph descent)6.23 km-120 m-1.1%
Sheldon tt finish1.47 km-102 m-7.0%
B5055 turns0.66 km-67 m-10.1%
Longstone Lane 1.78 km48 m2.6%
To The Church2.46 km-42 m-0.7%
GO ON THEN !!0.32 km19 m5.4%
Risk it for a biscuit...2.83 km-76 m-1.7%
School Lane climb0.70 km38 m5.3%
Descent to Bubnell1.95 km-76 m-3.7%
Old bridge to school2.10 km9 m0.2%
fast out of baslow0.44 km3 m0.4%
Calver Mill1.40 km23 m1.5%
Dukes Drive0.74 km15 m1.4%
nice sprint0.37 km21 m5.3%
New Rd Sprint0.42 km16 m3.7%
Main Road Grindleford Drop0.47 km-23 m-4.8%