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Custom Poached Fondo

Cycling Route

159.69 km
1,886 m
OKRoutes take on the Merckx Fondo, replacing HWY 97 Summerland detour, with a visit to Naramata n' back.
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Government - Eckhardt to Carmi1.32 km10 m0.8%
Eastside Road - Marina Driveway to McLean Creek Rd8.37 km14 m0.2%
Barley Mill Pub Duathlon Out16.21 km120 m0.1%
McLean Creek Road5.10 km106 m2.1%
McLean Creek Road Climb1.52 km69 m4.5%
McLean Crk Drag Strip0.58 km-7 m-1.1%
McLean Creek Rd Descent (Corner to Walnut Ave)2.13 km-89 m-4.2%
McLean Creek Road Sprint0.39 km-24 m-6.0%
Oliver Ranch Road Climb0.49 km25 m5.0%
McIntyre Bluff speedway1.07 km-8 m-0.7%
Full Black Sage Rd - South18.49 km-89 m-0.2%
Tuc-El-Nuit Lake- North to South4.60 km-23 m-0.5%
Intrepid 2017 - final push to the finish8.90 km89 m0.2%
Hospital Hill0.91 km45 m5.0%
Between Two Cattle-guards - Black Sage Southbound6.19 km-39 m-0.3%
You've Got Mail1.19 km-21 m-1.7%
Rd 22- Rd 183.36 km12 m0.2%
Rd 22 to Rd 5 TTT8.67 km29 m0.3%
Rd 18 to Rad 5 TT5.22 km20 m0.2%
Rd5 - Hwy97 to Fairview Golf - SS2.20 km66 m3.0%
Road 5 and Golf Course - Ok Hwy to Fairview3.54 km177 m5.0%
Fairview Golf Course Climb (AW)1.24 km106 m8.5%
Fairview Climb to Peak (AW)3.29 km138 m4.2%
Peloton TT18.42 km139 m0.6%
Sprint to Secrest3.89 km-54 m-1.4%
Willowbrook: Secrest to Green Lake4.26 km-26 m-0.2%
Willowbrook Push to the Stop Sign - sneaky uphill2.24 km15 m0.7%
twin lakes climb15.22 km381 m2.5%
Willowbrook to White Lk. Rd6.87 km120 m1.7%
Fairview White Lake Rd Climb1.58 km84 m5.3%
Pre-White Lake Willowbrook Climb0.45 km45 m9.9%
White Lake Stretch2.28 km29 m0.6%
twin Lake climb5.87 km202 m3.4%
Around da Golf3.41 km-45 m-0.3%
Marron Canyon Descent4.07 km-165 m-4.0%
Back Straight0.57 km-3 m-0.1%
Vancouver Hill Climb part 10.32 km12 m3.6%
Hill 12.95 km107 m3.6%
Vancouver Ave. Climb1.20 km67 m5.6%
Abbott to Van Pl0.46 km29 m6.3%
Bench Road Climb Time1.68 km70 m4.1%
Hard Climb Lower Bench Road0.33 km24 m7.2%
King KOM0.50 km31 m6.2%
Heading Home7.23 km-43 m-0.1%
Fire station to Reservoir road9.42 km51 m0.2%
Not another one0.48 km22 m4.4%
Hit it or quit it0.38 km17 m4.4%
winery climb2.34 km36 m1.5%
Three Mile Road to Ohlhausen Sprint0.48 km10 m2.1%
Upper bench, try to keep up with the cars.1.52 km-27 m-1.7%