Loch Ard Tri - bike

Cycling Route

49.4 km
805 m
Created By
Iain Todd
May 30, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
loch ard- aberfoyle4.94 km42 m-0.3%
loch ard- aberfoyle4.94 km42 m-0.3%
Milton to Aberfoyle Dukes Pass Turn2.10 km20 m-0.9%
Last mile sprint into Aberfoyle1.90 km16 m-0.8%
Top half of Dukes Pass1.74 km72 m4.2%
Dukes Pass Descent (S-N)4.69 km150 m-3.1%
Duke's pass north face rollercoaster3.99 km146 m-3.7%
Achray Junction ramp0.34 km24 m7.0%
pass of trossachs1.21 km59 m4.8%
Dukes Pass descent24.30 km84 m0.3%
Loch Katrine Cycle19.68 km69 m0.0%
Loch Katrine West Run19.49 km55 m0.0%
Loch Katrine Climb1.30 km67 m4.8%
Remember and unclip when you stop :)0.61 km34 m4.9%
glengyle grinder3.30 km46 m1.0%
be kind to me little hill0.40 km24 m5.9%
B829 short climb2.00 km33 m1.6%
1 Mile Sprint to Loch Chon1.80 km74 m-4.1%
loch chon-loch ard6.17 km79 m-1.0%
Loch Chon to Loch Ard - battle of the brothers-in-law3.67 km65 m-1.7%