10 Barrel Riding Solo (June 2021) - Week 4: Funner'er

Cycling Route

11.03 mi
1,269 ft
Funner (Climbing) > Tiddlywinks (Counterclockwise)
Created By
Jason W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Climbing Funner2.81 mi715 ft4.8%
Up Funner Down Tiddly11.44 mi994 ft0.0%
4613 to Funner0.62 mi135 ft4.1%
Nat For Dev Road 4614 Climb0.52 mi276 ft9.8%
National Forest Development Road 4614 Climb0.90 mi561 ft11.7%
Connection trail2.73 mi197 ft1.0%
Tiddlywinks Complete6.43 mi-971 ft-2.4%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.37 mi276 ft14.1%
Tiddlywinks from rd-4905.04 mi-997 ft-3.0%
Tiddlywinks Climb0.68 mi157 ft4.3%
Tiddlywinks DH to Larson TH3.41 mi-797 ft-4.4%
Tiddlywinks Downhill3.77 mi-994 ft-5.0%
Tiddlywinks upper DH0.71 mi-295 ft-7.8%
I'll take the entire enchilada 3.70 mi-974 ft-5.0%
New Tiddlywinks DH3.61 mi-981 ft-5.1%
Lower Tiddly DH 1.23 mi-394 ft-6.0%
OLD VERSION - Tiddly Wiggles0.45 mi-200 ft-8.4%
Tiddlywinks lower DH2.06 mi-597 ft-5.5%
the crux0.19 mi-20 ft-1.5%
OLD VERSION - Happy Ending0.97 mi-266 ft-5.1%
Tiddly Lower DH from Larsen's to Funner/SK0.76 mi-187 ft-4.6%