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McCulloch to Peachland Gravel

Cycling Route

194.71 km
3,146 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Abbott - Lake to Hospital0.67 km-2 m-0.3%
K.L.O. drag strip (gotta get the green at Gordon 🤞)2.25 km9 m0.3%
KLO from Gordon to the Creek2.12 km8 m0.4%
K.L.O. lights to top.2.46 km71 m2.9%
Up til you run out of road10.29 km270 m2.5%
⚡Fly, you fools! ⚡3.13 km120 m3.8%
KLO Hill1.27 km64 m5.0%
the "Kevin Costner hill"1.08 km48 m4.4%
McCullough Hill0.66 km30 m4.4%
Orchard Greens to McCulloch Rd Corner2.30 km44 m1.6%
Reverse McCulloch hump1.27 km22 m0.8%
McCullouch Ramp0.21 km17 m7.8%
McCullough Climb2.90 km91 m3.1%
Proper full McCulloch from June5.59 km126 m2.2%
McCulloch JSpr to Gallaghers1.88 km51 m2.7%
McCulloch to Myra4.58 km114 m2.5%
McClain to Field1.55 km49 m3.1%
KLO creek to Myra canyon road1.29 km53 m2.9%
Full Climb to Nordic station22.74 km720 m3.1%
McCullough Road Climb (Gravel)13.28 km687 m5.2%
Cattle Guard to First Plateau 1.15 km65 m5.6%
Falconridge Crescent Climb8.27 km555 m6.7%
DH - Bottom Section1.10 km-121 m-11.0%
Poplar Grove to Van Horne1.84 km-91 m-4.9%
Vancouver Descent Bench to Ellis St1.11 km-65 m-5.8%
Canal to KVR2.19 km6 m0.2%
Life on the Rez1.92 km26 m1.2%
Green Mountain: River Channel -> Shingle Creek9.86 km274 m2.8%
Green Mountain Road Climb1.62 km86 m5.3%
Green Mountain Rd Climb5.07 km173 m3.4%
Green Mountain Road Climb1.66 km83 m5.0%
Grn Mtn to Bobtail6.85 km125 m1.7%
Shingle Creek Northbound15.87 km133 m0.0%
Shingle steep bit0.53 km41 m7.6%
Bobtailing it Out7.40 km-32 m-0.1%
Garnet Valley7.37 km73 m0.8%
I mean your kinda half way3.98 km60 m1.5%
I don't care if your tired0.43 km18 m4.2%
One with the cattle 2.79 km25 m0.9%
Meadow Valley Rd Climb3.23 km125 m3.9%
Beach to Bliss sprint 1.67 km5 m0.1%
Trepanier Rd 1.30 km120 m9.2%
Upton-Connector Trepanier Rd2.09 km31 m1.3%
97C to Glenrosa Exit1.36 km-3 m-0.1%
Gellatly downhill3.48 km-188 m-5.4%
Gellatly from Welcome to Westbank to first dirt drive on right. 1.22 km-80 m-6.6%
Goin fast past the waste water. Starting half way through the flats, ending at Whitworth. 1.36 km-61 m-4.5%
On the lookout for Ogopogo0.90 km0 m0.0%
Bridge Burp - Heading East0.47 km0 m0.0%
Whole bridge > East1.19 km22 m0.2%