Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
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BTClub-Dunham Massey

Cycling Route

84.54 km
496 m
Created By
BeNice S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
This is ghost rider requesting a flyby3.09 km9 m0.0%
School Run1.66 km7 m0.3%
Crossing To The Lights Sprint0.40 km3 m0.6%
Warrington Road - A5741.07 km-9 m-0.9%
roundabout to bents0.49 km-2 m-0.1%
East Lancs To Dam Head Lane7.63 km12 m0.1%
Bents Roundabout to George & Dragon1.08 km-2 m-0.1%
Shop to Roundabout0.73 km7 m0.9%
Roadsters Opening Short Sprint0.31 km-5 m-1.4%
Holcroft to Glazebrook4.40 km-12 m-0.1%
Derny0.66 km-4 m-0.5%
Put down the powa0.22 km6 m2.6%
dam lane sprint south0.97 km-7 m-0.4%
quick sprint between the fields0.30 km-7 m-2.3%
just a little pick up0.34 km4 m1.0%
Hollins green to warby bridge 0.66 km-2 m-0.1%
A57 Sprint0.45 km3 m0.6%
warburton bridge west side0.39 km13 m3.4%
Warburton bridge A57 to the toll1.03 km-4 m-0.0%
After warby to Dunham turning0.57 km1 m0.2%
paddock lane east0.33 km2 m0.7%
Paddock Lane to Carr Green Lane0.58 km2 m0.1%
1500m pursuit1.32 km5 m0.2%
Carrgreen Junction T Gorsey Ln 0.78 km-1 m0.0%
Rope to Grapes0.48 km-3 m-0.5%
Woodhouse0.85 km-5 m-0.4%
dunham lights dash0.65 km-4 m-0.5%
Dash for Pork Scratchings0.26 km-2 m-0.5%
Grapes to Rope0.51 km3 m0.5%
barns lane to breadmakers1.65 km-5 m-0.2%
Paddock Sprint0.39 km-2 m-0.4%
Paddock Ln short to Townfield Ln0.64 km-3 m-0.3%
Warburton Bridge - East Side!0.45 km11 m2.4%
Warburton Bridge to Manchester Road0.87 km18 m0.0%
Warby Bridge0.30 km7 m2.3%
bridge racing for the swan1.50 km-17 m-0.8%
Manchester Rd to Culcheth6.80 km12 m0.1%
Dam Head Ln short to Glazebrook0.99 km9 m0.2%
Dam Lane up and over0.47 km7 m1.0%
Over the M620.95 km4 m0.3%
Top Of Bridge0.32 km10 m3.2%
1 Hot Mile1.68 km8 m0.2%
Raven Inn to Bents Brick House1.70 km-0 m-0.0%
Bents sprint0.77 km0 m0.0%
Wind it up and give it some welly!0.35 km-2 m-0.5%
Greyhound Bridge mini-sprint0.12 km0 m0.0%
Grey hound to Butts Safe0.89 km9 m1.0%
Manchester Rd Blast0.37 km-2 m-0.5%
Roundabout to bus stop in under 100 strokes0.69 km4 m0.6%
Clarion Leg Burn0.57 km26 m4.4%