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BTClub-Hebden Bridge(via Burnley)

Cycling Route

79.92 km
799 m
Created By
BeNice S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Walmersley Rd full5.35 km88 m1.4%
Walmersley sprint past park0.74 km8 m1.1%
Walmersely Rd lights to Rammy3.07 km60 m1.7%
edenfield bump0.57 km24 m4.2%
Exchange St to Church Lane0.66 km-8 m-0.4%
Edenfield lights to Rawtenstall 3.02 km-39 m-1.0%
Reverse Bury Rd short climb0.52 km-16 m-3.0%
Crawshawbooth Climb (silly start before traffic lights)7.53 km136 m1.8%
Rawtenstall to Tod22.15 km-189 m-0.2%
The Lead In1.45 km37 m2.4%
crawshaw bump up en down reverse0.44 km13 m1.8%
sprint0.45 km25 m5.4%
old glory to new waggoners2.97 km43 m1.4%
rileys rise0.49 km12 m1.9%
Glen View Sprint0.52 km9 m1.6%
Burnley-Hebden17.52 km-130 m-0.4%
Cliviger hilly bit 0.82 km29 m3.5%
Burnley Rd, Red Lees to Todmorden9.01 km-137 m-0.6%
False Flat Burnley Road-Tod3.03 km55 m1.7%
Before the lights 1.37 km35 m2.4%
Burnley Road descent (Holme Chapel to Todmorden)6.07 km-112 m-1.8%
Corn2Tod3.78 km-62 m-1.6%
The twisties downhill0.90 km-38 m-3.9%
Tod to Eastwood 3.02 km-14 m-0.4%
From river to castle hill top0.50 km7 m1.4%
Tod to Hebden5.96 km-35 m-0.4%
Castle Hill Bumps0.75 km12 m1.4%
Lobb Mill Viaduct to the Whiteley Arches3.77 km-25 m-0.1%
Shaw Wood Rd to Eco Heat1.63 km-12 m-0.5%
Eco Fox2.08 km12 m0.2%
Rush to the Fox and Goose0.17 km2 m0.5%
Fox and Goose to Blazing Saddles0.46 km-9 m-1.7%
Out of Hebden Quickie0.27 km8 m2.2%
Hebden nasty sprint0.16 km6 m3.3%
Hebden to Littleborough15.24 km97 m0.3%
Hebden Bridge to Tod sensible start5.76 km33 m0.4%
3km Hebden to Eastwood3.14 km33 m0.5%
Eastwood to Tod2.98 km14 m0.4%
Castle Hill (Hough Rd to Castle Lane)0.42 km14 m3.2%
Tod-Littleborough5.62 km61 m1.1%
Thor's hammer0.30 km5 m1.6%
Walsden to Dean Head2.95 km41 m0.9%
Walsden to Littleborough5.25 km-58 m-0.4%
The last push0.48 km9 m1.3%
Summit pub to bay of bengal2.39 km-47 m-1.9%
little to smithybridge1.80 km17 m0.6%
Littleborough to Rochdale. 4.69 km-30 m-0.1%
Lbo sprint - West0.92 km8 m0.2%
FatUnicorn Gate to the gate0.13 km1 m1.0%
Up to the Elephant and Castle0.53 km9 m1.5%