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Cycling Route

74.03 km
725 m
Created By
BeNice S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Parkhills to Whitefield Junction4.49 km44 m0.6%
Sunny Bank / Nipper0.83 km16 m1.9%
Mercedes to Armstrongs Chippy0.58 km10 m1.6%
Down Sheepfoot Lane1.26 km-24 m-1.8%
Viccy Ave to Heaton Park RD0.66 km19 m2.8%
Viccy Ave hill2.34 km36 m1.5%
big uphill0.20 km11 m5.6%
Tweedle Hill to Rochdale Road1.33 km8 m0.5%
co-op Dash0.77 km-3 m-0.1%
1 Mile TT1.62 km6 m0.4%
Seed Cam to Pure Gym0.84 km6 m0.3%
holllonwood ave sprint 0.29 km-3 m-1.2%
elm to fredrick0.39 km13 m3.2%
AF D 290.85 km-25 m-2.9%
Bardsley up0.45 km-11 m-0.5%
aNDy LOve5 Ela!NE0.86 km9 m0.8%
Down to Ikea0.84 km-10 m-1.1%
Queens Road Lights to Gorsey Lane1.67 km51 m3.0%
Ashton to Uppermill9.12 km100 m0.3%
Luzley Rd Climb2.40 km86 m3.6%
Hartshead Climb 21.08 km43 m4.0%
sprint passed the golf club0.38 km11 m2.8%
Mossley lights to Farrars :-)2.75 km-28 m-0.5%
Top Mossley to Uppermill4.56 km-56 m-0.9%
Past the station0.52 km12 m0.2%
Balls Deep MkII (Better length!)0.42 km-9 m-2.0%
Ither to Nither2.60 km-25 m-0.4%
Get off the hill !0.83 km-13 m-0.9%
Who flags a 200m flat, straight, wide bit of road with no junctions or lights?0.27 km-5 m-1.9%
Uppermill Dash1.33 km-17 m-0.4%
Dob X roundabout to Delph cross road1.49 km19 m1.0%
Up the new tarmac0.51 km28 m5.4%
Delph Cross Keys climb to Star Inn2.52 km111 m4.4%
Shanghai Wong to the Star Inn1.60 km69 m4.1%
Wall Hill Rd to The Star0.78 km31 m3.9%
AF D 520.73 km-16 m-2.2%
AF D 531.46 km-77 m-5.2%
Oldham to Newhey7.25 km-48 m-0.4%
Lancashire Lads Leap2.56 km-23 m-0.6%
Shaw Rd Scramble0.72 km10 m0.0%
Roundabout to Rochdale Rd0.49 km-6 m-1.2%
Shaw to Newhey2.80 km-30 m-0.9%
sprint over the bridge0.30 km4 m0.8%
To the bends1.22 km12 m0.2%
A663 Bucktones Rd to Newhey1.55 km-28 m-0.8%
Newhey-M620.74 km-5 m-0.6%
Sprint to Ediburgh way0.96 km6 m0.5%
fast as you can0.68 km-17 m-1.7%
Jeremy kyle sprint0.60 km-8 m-1.2%
Rochdale Rd Uphill Sprint ( None Hazardous )0.51 km13 m2.5%