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Tuesday Night Rockstore Ride

Cycling Route

22.4 mi
2,143 ft
Created By
Jennifer C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
"The Chevron to Ladyface Segment" 2.58 mi-138 ft-0.6%
Agoura Rd (Lindero to Reyes Adobe)1.42 mi79 ft0.8%
Oak Crest to Redcoat0.42 mi56 ft2.5%
Agoura Road Climb0.40 mi59 ft0.9%
Teradyne Sprint0.11 mi-3 ft-0.6%
Reyes Adobe to Kanan Hammer Time1.16 mi-144 ft-1.9%
There He Goes0.58 mi-98 ft-3.1%
Agoura Speed Zone0.64 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Ladyface Sprint0.11 mi26 ft4.1%
first part of Cornell Rd from Agoura0.35 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Cornell S2.21 mi-82 ft-0.2%
Cornell First Kicker0.50 mi56 ft1.5%
Cornell Drag Strip0.29 mi-16 ft-0.6%
Cornell First 1/21.16 mi72 ft0.2%
Cornell Second 1/21.06 mi66 ft0.0%
Cornell sprint to mulholland0.24 mi33 ft2.6%
Lake Vista dh corners0.50 mi-128 ft-4.2%
Lake Malibou Speedway1.29 mi-115 ft-0.9%
Lake Vista DH0.28 mi-108 ft-7.2%
Torrey's TT0.16 mi30 ft2.9%
Wounded Warrior CLIMB6.57 mi1,260 ft3.6%
Jammin to Jonny's0.48 mi20 ft0.5%
Gibson's Church Climb0.19 mi72 ft7.0%
2nd 1/2 Mulholland Westbound6.70 mi1,214 ft2.8%
RockStore (store to top)2.58 mi906 ft6.6%
Rockstore Actual Climb - Sector 10.91 mi335 ft6.9%
probably can walk up faster1.67 mi636 ft7.2%
Rockstore Actual Climb - Sector 20.79 mi312 ft7.4%
the Last Hurrah0.62 mi266 ft8.1%
Rockstore Actual Climb - Sector 30.57 mi266 ft8.7%
Rockstore - hairpin to finish0.41 mi157 ft7.2%
I wonder how fast Faeron climbs this, hmm1.82 mi312 ft3.0%
Mulholland-Encinal Split0.80 mi-1,266 ft-0.0%
Encinal/Mullholland top to Westlake Top2.15 mi-223 ft-1.4%
Zuma Ridge Fire Rd. to Bodie Peak Mtwy.0.84 mi141 ft3.0%
The Wind Up0.32 mi26 ft1.4%
Power Pole Sprint FF0.75 mi-154 ft-3.3%
sprint to animal farm0.38 mi-62 ft-2.6%
Alpaca ranch to Camel ranch sprint0.16 mi-20 ft-2.2%
Hwy 23 Westlake Descent3.37 mi-902 ft-4.9%
decker.....just the downhill2.00 mi-787 ft-7.4%
Decker Twisties 1.25 mi-427 ft-6.5%
Carlisle Sprint0.43 mi-49 ft-1.8%
Decker speedway, Carlisle to Potrero1.14 mi-112 ft-1.8%
Suck it Polk0.27 mi7 ft0.0%
Potrero to Westlake (when you make the lights!)0.75 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Westlake sprint after fish mailbox0.16 mi-7 ft-0.7%
Westlake to 3 Springs0.69 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Triunfo Cyn. from Westlake to Lindero1.59 mi-20 ft-0.2%
Westlake Dam Corner Hill0.27 mi43 ft3.0%