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Sunday 7/31 Route

Cycling Route

49.03 mi
2,173 ft
Created By
Wayne P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lovely St Climb0.47 mi535 ft21.3%
Sunrise Dr Climb0.33 mi266 ft14.8%
Tillotson Rd Climb0.74 mi312 ft7.9%
Old Farms downhill0.74 mi-85 ft-1.7%
Old Farms Roooolllerrrr Coaster0.82 mi-102 ft-1.9%
Old Farms Roooolllerrrr Coaster0.82 mi-102 ft-1.9%
Waterville Rd Climb0.37 mi279 ft14.0%
Talcott Notch/Old Mountain1.47 mi322 ft4.1%
Talcott Notch/Old Mountain (slightly later start point)1.46 mi325 ft4.1%
Old Mountain Road - full hill1.68 mi341 ft3.6%
Talcott Notch to Old Mountain0.36 mi59 ft2.6%
Old Mountain Rd (west)1.04 mi266 ft4.8%
Old Mountain Rd (Talcott Notch to Ely)1.00 mi266 ft4.7%
Talcott Notch to Mtn Spring Rd0.81 mi210 ft4.9%
Farmington descent0.85 mi-112 ft-2.0%
Mountain to Main Street Sprint1.04 mi-56 ft-1.0%
Boulevard TT1.40 mi-89 ft-1.2%
Ridewood to Maine Street Sprint0.89 mi-46 ft-1.0%
Trout Brook South0.79 mi-26 ft-0.6%
CT Fasttrack Willard to Fenn Rd1.36 mi-39 ft-0.0%
Cedar St Station to NB Main Station2.31 mi85 ft0.7%
FastTrack Graveyard South0.47 mi33 ft1.2%
Up and Over WalHillRd0.55 mi30 ft0.2%
Walnut Hill Sprint0.20 mi-13 ft-1.3%
10 acre to the resi1.11 mi157 ft2.7%
Shuttle Meadow Reservoir Rd2.23 mi197 ft1.7%
Reservoir Sprint0.26 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Reservoir Rd Dam Sprint0.22 mi52 ft4.0%
Shuttle Meadow Mile0.78 mi39 ft0.5%
down MINE hollow0.59 mi-220 ft-6.9%
Down Mine Hollow0.58 mi-200 ft-6.4%
Down Mine Hollow top half0.31 mi-157 ft-9.6%
Flanders Rd. next to St. Stanislaus Church0.56 mi102 ft3.4%
flanders fun0.88 mi-112 ft-2.4%
ouch!0.33 mi62 ft3.5%
Northwest Dr West0.71 mi30 ft0.3%
Scott swamp to Meadow1.07 mi26 ft0.4%
North to Unionville4.13 mi-62 ft-0.0%
New Britain Ave to Unionville2.39 mi-59 ft-0.3%
Farmington Avenue Climb0.80 mi-43 ft-0.9%
Start of Huck Hill0.41 mi43 ft1.9%
Riders on the Storm3.34 mi187 ft0.6%
New Rd Humps2.16 mi177 ft1.5%