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From Columbus Circle to Washington Bridge (and Back!)

Running Route

14.0 mi
249 ft
Created By
Valeria S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hudson River Greenway Climb0.28 mi194 ft12.9%
West Side - 59th to 103d Exit2.02 mi20 ft0.1%
Sprint by 79th St Boat Basin0.54 mi16 ft0.1%
400m sprint North0.24 mi13 ft1.0%
Hudson 71 to 961.17 mi-10 ft-0.1%
No Bikes! Runners only. Half Mile/800m 73rd to 83rd 10 block Sprint North0.51 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Hudson Riverside Run (79 St Boat Basin->W 112 St)1.63 mi-13 ft-0.0%
Riverside: 79th to 99th0.94 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Pier to 103rd Exit0.98 mi-3 ft-0.0%
Bollard to bollard North0.45 mi3 ft0.0%
83rd to 125th2.34 mi-23 ft-0.0%
88th to 148th St3.07 mi39 ft0.1%
Riverside to GW Lighthouse4.32 mi46 ft0.1%
Cherry Walk 100-129th1.46 mi-13 ft-0.0%
125th ALMOST to the lighthouse2.31 mi49 ft0.1%
Fairways to GWB uptown2.36 mi49 ft0.4%
Soccer field sprint0.35 mi23 ft1.1%
Fort Washington Park0.93 mi-30 ft-0.0%
GWB to 1003.93 mi-52 ft-0.2%
Lighthouse Mile1.01 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Hudson River Path - GWB Lighthouse to 59th6.01 mi-43 ft-0.1%
Lighthouse to 125th2.52 mi-46 ft-0.1%
Little Red Lighthouse to Fairway2.20 mi56 ft0.0%
bridge to fairway2.27 mi-43 ft-0.0%
6km from the Lighthouse3.74 mi39 ft0.0%
Soccer field sprint (SB)0.34 mi-20 ft-1.0%
135th to 125th Dash0.29 mi-10 ft-0.3%
fairway to 1001.66 mi23 ft0.2%
Cherry Walk1.46 mi13 ft0.0%
125th entrance to 72nd2.71 mi-20 ft-0.0%
lululemon - Upper West Side2.48 mi-30 ft-0.0%
i mile tempo SB from Fairway1.01 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Easy sprint0.87 mi46 ft0.4%
100th street to after boat bassin1.26 mi16 ft0.1%
Hundson River 800m south0.49 mi-3 ft-0.0%
Riverside: 99th to 79th1.00 mi10 ft0.1%
Hudson River 100th to 72nd St1.33 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Bollard to Bollard0.43 mi3 ft0.1%
No Bikes! Runners only. Half Mile/800m 83rd to 73rd 10 block sprint South0.51 mi0 ft0.0%
84th St to 60th St 1.15 mi-16 ft-0.1%
400m sprint South0.24 mi-13 ft-1.0%
Westside: 72nd to 59th0.66 mi-7 ft-0.0%
59 - Riverside/Amsterdam0.33 mi59 ft3.4%
W 57th St Climb0.38 mi190 ft9.4%