Past Two Weeks

VCC 737 Fondo 166km

Cycling Route

166.47 km
796 m
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Twin Island Lake - Mini Dip South0.95 km-3 m-0.0%
Out of Devon1.17 km37 m3.1%
Cameron Heights Long0.39 km38 m8.2%
Cameron heights climb0.23 km22 m9.4%
Peak to Peak (eastbound)3.53 km-59 m-0.0%
Cameron Heights To Henday Down1.71 km-45 m-2.6%
Under the Henday Eastbound0.28 km-8 m-2.0%
Timed West End Climb -Masters1.24 km46 m3.2%
Soggy Bottom Hill Repeats0.88 km48 m5.4%
West End climb0.85 km49 m5.7%
the climb0.56 km42 m7.5%
eastbound and up...keep going1.74 km69 m4.0%
Heath Road-Riverbend Road DMZ0.41 km2 m0.5%
Terwillegar Powerline Stride0.33 km2 m0.5%
Riverbend Road-Terwillegar Drive Overpass DMZ0.41 km18 m4.3%
Riverbend RD to Flyover Sprint0.39 km11 m2.7%
Town Centre Blvd1.28 km-15 m-0.8%
Downhill Coast1.10 km-11 m-1.0%
Riding the wave to Waves2.25 km-13 m-0.5%
Taylor Close to South T Drive1.00 km-11 m-1.1%
Rabbit Hill Road Overpass 0.81 km2 m0.2%