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2021 Fall Classic Big

Cycling Route

29.74 mi
3,782 ft
Created By
Jeff Westcott

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
French Gulch Road Climb0.50 mi285 ft10.8%
Yellow Brick Road (new start-2017)0.48 mi269 ft10.2%
The Yellow Brick Road Up0.54 mi279 ft8.7%
the wizard of oz kinda hurts0.41 mi279 ft12.7%
The Isle of Rock2.22 mi-915 ft-7.8%
Galena Ditch going west (2015)2.94 mi-66 ft-0.1%
Galena Ditch Tr (2012 portion)2.34 mi13 ft0.1%
ZL East End DH Loop0.25 mi-56 ft-3.7%
ZL Trail going west complete (2015)4.59 mi-696 ft-1.9%
New upper ZL west to RacJac2.08 mi233 ft1.0%
ZL Trail Westbound4.13 mi-630 ft-2.1%
Excelsior0.76 mi-262 ft-6.4%
ZL DH (power line to pavement)2.03 mi-522 ft-4.9%
ZL Berms & Jumps0.69 mi-256 ft-7.0%
ZipLine0.66 mi-256 ft-7.2%
ZL Trail0.65 mi-151 ft-4.3%
Down to the Links eh0.83 mi-226 ft-5.1%
Discovery Hill DH0.51 mi-207 ft-7.5%
Snagglepuss0.46 mi118 ft4.8%
Gold Run Gulch Rd Climb1.44 mi610 ft8.0%
gold run gulch rd uphill from upper flume to slalom0.68 mi325 ft9.0%
Little Corporal Climb0.28 mi108 ft7.4%
Fall Classic0.34 mi-20 ft-0.7%
Prospect to BackDoor0.28 mi7 ft0.1%
Back and Side Door2.76 mi-509 ft-0.0%
Back Door Up FULL1.23 mi449 ft6.9%
Back Door up1.12 mi482 ft8.1%
Back Door to lower Side Door drop-in0.57 mi203 ft6.6%
new (upper) Side Door descent0.91 mi-246 ft-5.1%
Sidedoor Down (complete)1.51 mi-512 ft-6.4%
Side door down ... 2019 1.17 mi-472 ft-7.6%
Down the middle of SD0.55 mi-243 ft-7.7%
Lower Turk's to Sally Barber2.13 mi486 ft4.3%
Bucket0.98 mi249 ft4.8%
Reiling Upper Turks1.20 mi217 ft3.3%
Top of Turks to Sally Barber0.69 mi164 ft4.4%
Top of Turk's to top of Sally Barber0.98 mi308 ft6.0%
Weber Gulch Trail up0.54 mi203 ft6.6%
Upper Weber Gulch0.65 mi341 ft9.9%
Nightmare on Baldy Down0.87 mi-236 ft-5.1%
Nightmare on Baldy DH0.92 mi-302 ft-6.2%
Sallie Barber, gate to gate descent1.33 mi-236 ft-3.4%
Sallie Barber, whoop section descent0.41 mi-210 ft-9.5%
Barney Ford to V31.10 mi-377 ft-6.5%
Barney Ford to V30.72 mi-262 ft-6.8%
Barney Ford & V3 Descent1.23 mi-400 ft-5.8%
Upper Barney Ford DH0.35 mi-184 ft-9.9%
V3 Downhill0.89 mi-171 ft-2.8%
V3 DH0.37 mi-112 ft-5.0%
B30.20 mi-36 ft-3.0%