Serrania Park to Mulholland

Running Route

7.78 mi
1,153 ft
Steep climb from Serrania park, then the usual ups and downs on Mulholland. Turn around just after the gate
Created By
Caryn Panec
September 16, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tepoca Rd Climb0.44 mi243 ft10.4%
Serrania Climb1.10 mi423 ft7.2%
Serrania to the Bench1.15 mi413 ft6.7%
Serrania towards dirt Mulholland 1.14 mi387 ft6.1%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.50 mi154 ft5.7%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.79 mi223 ft5.1%
Two Pole Repeats0.07 mi20 ft5.0%
Vanalden to Winnetka on Mulholland0.71 mi102 ft-0.8%
Winnetka to Santa Maria on Mulholland0.54 mi52 ft-1.8%
Santa Maria to Serrania on Mulholland0.57 mi85 ft-2.4%
Serrania Descent1.15 mi430 ft-7.1%