Buna Ride Group 2 - Hard

Cycling Route

49.6 mi
2,615 ft
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September 22, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MacArthur Final Dash - (btwn Reservoir & Foxhall)0.86 mi39 ft-0.9%
Foxhall to gas station0.44 mi39 ft-1.5%
Beech north to school5.06 mi151 ft0.4%
Blagden to Park Lot 102.95 mi105 ft0.6%
Beach Drive8.54 mi312 ft0.3%
Beach Drive to Cops1.16 mi69 ft1.1%
JoyceRd-WiseRd1.97 mi66 ft0.5%
Joyce to Sherrill1.12 mi20 ft0.2%
Military Rd to East West Hwy3.59 mi56 ft0.2%
Beach Roller0.35 mi39 ft2.1%
West Beach to East West Interval1.63 mi23 ft0.1%
Beach Dr. Gate-to-Gate Sprint0.54 mi23 ft0.2%
Wyndale to East-West Bomber0.80 mi16 ft0.2%
Woodbine St-East-West Hwy Sprint0.31 mi3 ft-0.1%
East-West-JonesBr Hill0.31 mi39 ft2.2%
Hill up to Jones Bridge0.27 mi69 ft4.8%
Beach: Jones Br hill to Kensington TT2.00 mi59 ft0.1%
Jones Mill Death Race0.52 mi62 ft-2.3%
Sprint to Forsythe Ave0.77 mi39 ft-0.7%
Jones Mill to Connecticut dash1.26 mi20 ft0.3%
Tuckerman Climb to Old Georgetown0.91 mi118 ft2.4%
Tuckerman Picnic to Shops0.21 mi49 ft4.4%
Glen - Falls to One Lane Bridge1.41 mi161 ft-2.2%
Glen Esworthy River Loop (or GERL)13.19 mi220 ft0.1%
Glen Rd Hill0.55 mi115 ft3.9%
Glenstone roller 0.27 mi82 ft5.6%
Greenbriar Park Pass0.52 mi89 ft3.2%
Esworthy First Ramp0.31 mi82 ft4.9%
River Road: Seneca Road-Travilah Road2.93 mi230 ft0.2%
Seneca to Potomac7.97 mi236 ft0.1%
River Rd: Travilah Rd-Piney Meetinghouse Rd3.29 mi138 ft-0.1%
Watts to Tack House0.65 mi82 ft1.8%
River Road Water Treatment Plant Climb0.64 mi89 ft2.6%
Water Plant Kicker0.26 mi62 ft4.5%
River: Tara roller0.43 mi102 ft4.4%
River Rd: Piney to Potomac1.37 mi75 ft0.2%
piney meetinghouse climb0.24 mi66 ft5.1%
when the wind is your friend - SPRINT!0.82 mi62 ft-1.5%
River: Up to Persimmon0.19 mi36 ft3.7%
Persimmon-River to Eggert Stop2.88 mi135 ft-0.8%
PT to Oaklyn1.47 mi72 ft-0.9%
Persimmon Tree: Bradley to Eggert1.30 mi56 ft-0.4%
Persimmon - Holly Leaf to Saunders0.32 mi23 ft-0.3%
Crossing Congressional Country Club0.52 mi30 ft-0.9%
Another Sprint before 4950.40 mi16 ft-0.0%
78th to 75th0.38 mi3 ft-0.1%
Take it to the line2.39 mi69 ft-0.0%
Walhonding to Maryland0.94 mi16 ft-0.1%
Last Hill MacArthur, rise to lights0.22 mi46 ft3.9%
DC Line to Loughboro Sprint0.29 mi16 ft0.2%